Wednesday, October 1, 2014

.....Still waiting but closer....

I don't know about you, but I'm just about out of my mind with anticipation!  The last report from the ship was noon yesterday and Eris J was 409 miles from the Panama Canal.  Okay, so we're down to triple digits.  I'm sure by now, the freighter has the Canal in sight.

My husband's dearest friend knows the ship's owners and confirms that she is pre-booked to transit the Canal on Thursday, October 2nd.  OMG, that's tomorrow folks!!!!!  The time of transit is one of the world's best kept secrets right about now.  My productivity at work has dropped along with each mile Eris J covers on her way here.

I figure that tomorrow will be a total shutdown except for the plans for Tom's memorial, the christening and reception, and of course the web of travel plans that those events entail.  I've already spoken to my sister in North Carolina twice in the span of 3 hours to coordinate our flights and figure how to work in a vacation for her while she's with me in Stuart.  My daughter will also be with us as well as friends Tom and I have known and loved since 1982.  As elegant as this girl is, there is not a stitch of anything aboard.  Except for my brief trip to see her in a couple of weeks, I'll be arriving just slightly ahead of my guests to try to outfit the boat with the most basic of creature comforts.  At this point, that would be sheets, pillows and towels.  I think there are a few sleeping bags in my storage cube that will no doubt be pressed into service.  I know everyone will be thrilled to be with me aboard this long-awaited dream and won't mind "roughing it" a bit (as much as one roughs it in such beautiful surroundings).  I'm guessing that a full wine fridge will compensate for the lack of other things.

So, although I had nothing really concrete to report, I felt like chatting - I don't want anyone to be guessing about the ship's whereabouts (though most of us are at this point).  In case you're wondering  what future posts will be about, not to worry.  The first posts after Olympia arrives will be filled with pictures taken with my very own phone camera.  Then you're going to hear about the plans for Tom's memorial, the christening and bash that will follow, including the menu and other surprises.  Once I've recuperated, we'll laugh together at my training stories - you can bet there will be plenty of stories and as many laughs.  Then we can look forward to my travel log in the spring as Olympia heads to Long Island, her summer home.  I'm hoping to make a good part of that trip at the helm (with my trainers glued to my sides - sides as in both sides, as in 2 other folks with me - always.

I thank you for your loyal patience and look forward to many more chats about my adventures.  I do promise to make you laugh along the way.

So, let's settle in and wait for the news of the ship's transit.  If Tom's friend can, he'll get the exact time, send me the link and try to get a screen shot from the Canal's webcam.   I promise (there I go again) to share whatever information I get.

Night night.

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