Wednesday, October 22, 2014

OMG! That's About All I Can Say!

On Sunday evening October 19th at about 7:20 pm, I came face to face with the subject of my dreams for nearly 2 years - Olympia and I met for the first time!

My dear friend Laura, met me at the airport and survived a 45 minute ride from West Palm Beach airport to Allied Marina in Stuart.  Can I tell you those 45 minutes were among the most incredible 45 minutes I have lived through in quite a few months?!  The sense of anticipation and excitement was palpable in the car.  I couldn't bear the long walk from the car, down the dock (she was at the farthest point she could be) to Olympia's slip so..... I closed my eyes and trusted Laura to guide me to her.

Once she was in view, Laura prepared me to open my eyes..........OMG, OMG, OMG!  I cannot even begin to tell you the emotions flooding through me at that point.  I really could not believe I was actually seeing this precious boat for the first time!!!  So much preceded this first viewing, such a major life change following the tragedy of Tom's sudden loss, so many wrenching decisions, the digging in to do anything to make this work, the support of so many incredibly wonderful people - new and old in my life - the worry and uncertainty of taking this life-altering step - all of that and more collided at that moment.

I can only tell you that all of the above made my meeting with this boat something I will remember to my last day on this earth.  It was some time before I could stop the tears, the shaking, the laughing, and feelings I can't even describe  - to summon the strength to step aboard for the first time.

As I reverently stepped aboard, Laura raced ahead to turn on the lights so that I could see Olympia in all her glory.  If you thought the pictures were beautiful, I have to tell you that the reality will blow you out of the water.  This girl of mine is stunningly gorgeous, magnificent, outrageous, elegant, warm, inviting, spectacular and so many words I can't summon at this moment.

Even with her protective wrappings and signs of much work in progress, she is a vision to behold!  The blinds in their build outs exceeded my expectations, the curve of the staircase, the rounded edges of the granite, the way everything flows, the back splash, the storage, the cherry, the EVERYTHING!  I am blown away by the workmanship.  Remember this is my 3rd Krogen and I am speechless with wonder!

Since we were on board nearly 2 hours looking around, we managed to get this one picture to sum up the evening's events:

 Since I stepped off the plane after a white-knuckle flight home a mere 2 hours ago, I am going to get ready for a very busy work event tomorrow.  I do promise some really nice pictures of the helm (electronics were being installed the entire time I was there), salon, staircase, galley, NAME, and engine room.  She is leaving for her show season debut tomorrow as she heads for the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to be the belle of the ball.  Closing is scheduled for early December.

I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations !!!

    We are soon happy for you....Our thoughts have been with you all week.....your picture on the swim platform tells it all...

    Rob and Patty

    1. Thank you Rob and Patty! It was a most special moment and as you say, the picture tells it all.
      More pictures to follow.

  2. We also would like to extend our congratulations. You and Olympia look fantastic.

    Chris and Gail
    TORTUGA KK 42-125

  3. Lovely Pic, I hope you go to the boat show so you can see the buzz she generates. I was turning the corner at Cape May after leaving Greenport on Monday. Olympia would have been a lot more fun riding than a 36ft boat!