Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More interior pictures

So, here I am frantically packing up the apartment for yet another move on November 10th - 2nd move in only 1 year, 12 days, when I'm seized by the urge to write.  Writing is my "happy place", where I can calm down and be in the moment.  Thank you for being the audience!

So although these pictures don't follow any logical order (a mirror of me these days), I think you'll enjoy them anyway.  The lucky folks who will attend FLIBS tomorrow will get to see Olympia all tricked out with her staged decor, KKY pennant and over-sized US flag proudly flying from her extended boat deck rails.  I wish I could be there to observe the attendees' reactions when they see her.

Forgive me if I've already posted some of these pictures.  With this being the 200th post and literally 100s of pictures, I'm amazed I can post anything at all.  So here goes...

This is the back splash all sealed and ready to be cooked in front of.  You can bet I won't be making anything messy for a very long time.  I am absolutely thrilled with the final product.  The colors blend and enhance the warmth of the cherry rather than shout "lookie at me"!  The darker glass tiles perfectly pick up the stainless appliances.  Exactly the look I was trying to achieve!

At the suggestion of Tom B., I had the yard make Sunbrella covers for the guest beds.  This way, the beds will always look neat and stylish.  I just ordered waterproof, pillow top mattress pads as the first line of defense against anyone (god forbid) sweating in bed.  Next will be pillows and bedding - gotta get a move on this since I'm having 4 people stay aboard with me on my next trip in December!

Another pulled together, coordinated look for the guest stateroom.  The lamp shades are a lovely fabric that perfectly ties the fabric together.  Of course the pillows will be whisked off and replaced with standard bed pillows at the sound of the guests' first footfalls.

What self-respecting boat wouldn't have a nice, generous sized wine fridge?  The challenge will be to keep it filled to the brim!

Since the top of the fridge is the same height as the granite counter and since the unit is snuggled into a corner, it actually provides another surface on which to place something and keep it within comfortable reach.  This fridge was across the room where the steps are now in the earlier 55s.

The view looking aft is very pleasing to the eye, just like all of Olympia's other views...

Now that the plastic covering is off the settees, the look is much warmer and certainly more inviting.  The saying comes to mind - "this isn't your grandmother's couch"!  I anticipate the view aft will also be enhanced by beautiful cockpit furniture.  That probably won't happen for a few more months.  There are some other "high priority" purchases to make before that.

Though this posting was a quickie, I needed to get some pictures of Olympia to you.  I'll close out with two of my favorite pictures to date.  They say it all....

I still can't believe I'm actually seeing her in all her glory after so many long months!

I'm in love!

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  1. Great pictures once again.....she will make a perfect home for you.....
    Thank you for sharing,
    Rob and Patty