Sunday, October 12, 2014

Olympia is in her temporary winter home

I'm back!  Told you I had lots to do.  Finally settling down to write - and it's already 10:45!

 As an aside, Wiggles wasn't exactly jumping for joy when I arrived at the barn bearing carrots.  He had apparently just gotten his sweet, wet hay and found that far more interesting than me.  I least I didn't get his butt in my face.  That's the other reception I get, but he reserves that one for trips of a week or longer.

So before I share pictures of the fair Olympia in her temporary winter retreat (Allied/Apex Marina in Stuart), I have to tell you that somehow, I royally messed up the 45 offload pix Tom B. sent on Wednesday.  They are breathtaking, believe me.  Tom B. managed to take the especially thrilling sequence of Olympia being moved to the ship's rail, then being lowered into the water in several stages.  Of course the pix started in daylight, but ended at night.  Funny, Serenity's offload pix occurred at night, as did her Panama Canal transit.  These girls of mine are really so similar in many ways.

So without further prattling, here are the pix you've been waiting for.....

I don't know about you, but the sight of her actually in the water puts me right over the moon!  Olympia is even more imposing and beautiful than her other "land-based" photos.  She is now in her element and worthy of the admiration she will evoke from those who finally get to see the "real" Olympia after all these long months of waiting.  This week she may get her mast and antennae installed and really look like a proper ocean-going cruiser.

I couldn't resist this picture of Invictus on her way to the Rendezvous.  I took this picture of her from Betty's pilothouse on LiLi, right in the middle of Chesapeake Bay!  Even from a distance, I was awed!  Ironically, Invictus was our next-slip neighbor this past week.  Don't think I didn't take every opportunity to go aboard and just stare like a lovesick puppy.

I hope you enjoyed these photos and weren't disappointed.  I'll get all the photos my camera will hold when I'm there next week.  I also plan to be aboard in late January if not sooner, so if you're going to be anywhere near Stuart, please let me know.  I can happily accompany you on a tour of the real deal!

I'll get back to you with the offload pix as soon as I get them.

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