Monday, October 6, 2014

Olympia is closer to home than ever before!!!!

Hi everyone, 

This came from Tom B. this morning:

"Here is the latest from the ship:

noon position
05/Oct/2014 12:00hrs LT   -    17:00hrs GMT
21*16 N  -  084*42 W
Wind: ENE  3  Bft
Swell : ENE  1.5 mtrs
Speed: 14.83 kn
Miles steamed last 24hrs : 356 MILES
Miles to go next port :  Port Everglades 464 miles

Eta Port Everglades 06/Oktober – 20:00hrs

Over the weekend we heard the off load may be Tuesday afternoon, but it more than likely will change, it usually does. We will let you know when we get some new information."

I would say a few woo hoos are in order here, don't you think?  Since this report was created at noon yesterday, I venture to say that she is about 7 hours away now.  Woo hoo again!

One of  my most loyal followers asked if I could share the link for the Port Everglades webcam.  Since I aim to please, here it is:

I'm going there now to be sure I can go right to the site at the pre-ordained hour.

Hang in there with me folks.  It's almost show time!

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