Friday, March 13, 2015

Montauk Pictures

I think you all know that Montauk is over 100 miles from Manhattan, at the tip of Long Island's east end on the south fork.  Those 100+ miles might as well be the difference between planets, so diverse is the landscape.  Though Huntington is a beautiful town on Long Island's north shore, about 90 minutes from Montauk as the crow flies, it pales in comparison to this scenic, rustic and seemingly out of the way bastion of old world Long Island.

Unfortunately, signs of the Hamptons are slowly creeping into Montauk.  Even off season, the restaurants (those that remain open year round) were expensive as were several of the novelty shops I visited.  The saving grace is that Montauk is still not densely populated so that stretches of pine trees and beach are still visible from the road.

On the way to the hotel, this snowy vista greeted me, begging for a picture through the car's windshield.  Can you believe how blue the sky is?  It was like that the whole time I was there, from Friday through Monday afternoon.

You can tell how much snow there was, including this mound that blocked the view of the ocean from this scenic overlook.

The hotel is a gorgeous, hilltop old Tudor mansion that boasts 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites, 2 pools, a spa, restaurant, fitness center and spaces with fireplaces and cozy reading nooks.  Views of the sunset from the bay facing rooms are astounding!  Again, the sky almost seems painted into the photo.

In case you think I was exaggerating about the sunset view from the suite, look at this one.  It was as if each evening's sunset tried to outdo the previous one!

I set the alarm for 6 am Sunday morning to catch what I've been told are legendary sunrises in this part of the world.  Thanks to the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, I had a little more than an hour to get dressed, put together ingredients for mimosas and make the 15 minute drive to the Montauk Point Lighthouse.  I took about 12 pictures of the sun rising, but only posted 4 so as not to bore you.  Note how the cloud formation is different in every photo until they're completely gone in the last pic.

While the sun was rising and I was toasting the new day with a delicious mimosa, Beethoven's 9th Symphony was playing on the radio.  Can you think of any better way to begin a day in paradise?  The sunrise is not unlike the ones us lucky boaters enjoy from our cockpits, right?

There is something fascinating about a beach covered in snow.  I have been mesmerized by the sight since I was a child.  Not quite sure what the appeal is, but I love it!

The icing on the cake came on Sunday when it finally warmed up enough to put the top down!  It was in the balmy mid-40s, so a scarf, a bit of heat, windows up, windscreen up and I'm good to go - and go I did!!

 This was a memory-making weekend, much needed and appreciated after a nasty winter.  Since I still must work to support my marine lifestyle, I had to do something nice locally that would be a mini-vacation yet be far enough from home to make it seem like a destination.

The exciting news is that I have plane tickets booked for mid-April to Norfolk, VA.  That is where I am boarding Olympia so that I can be at the helm for the final leg of her trip home.  I may have to work with the airline if the boat is either early or delayed, but Southwest (which has become my West Palm Beach-New York shuttle) is very good about changing travel dates.  For those of you who have been following my dream unfold, you will recognize this leg as the culmination of the dream - sailing under the Verrazano Bridge and past the Statue of Liberty at the helm of my very own boat.  In the old scenario, Tom would have been at the helm and I would have been happy to stand beside him.  Now I will be at the helm and Tom will be standing beside me - as he is every day of my life.

Stay tuned for christening pictures.  I sent my cousin a gentle reminder yesterday that we are all waiting to see his pictures.  I felt brave blaming all of you.

Be back soon!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I'm Still Here!

Sorry everyone!  I've been waiting for some very special pictures from Olympia's christening on January 31st.  The photographer is my cousin, a busy neuro radiologist in Sarasota, so I can't rush him too much.

I took a long weekend to visit Montauk this past weekend.  It was a winter wonderland following what we all hope was the last snowfall of 2015.

I'll post some gorgeous photos (including an awesome sunrise and sunset) of that trip  to keep you interested until I get the christening pictures.

While we're on the subject of trips, I'll be flying to Norfolk, VA on April 14th to meet Olympia and take the helm for the final leg of her journey home!  Just thinking about this adventure gives me goose bumps.  This trip has been in my mind's eye for no less than two whole years!

 The marina in Huntington advises me that her slip is ready - they also confessed that since she'll be one of the "widest" girls at the marina, they are going to check the width of her slip just once more.  Just to be sure, I'm going to pop over there this weekend to see for myself.  Getting stuck between pilings is not the way I want Olympia to make her grand entrance!  

There will be an interesting crew of 4 aboard as she leaves Stuart, including my hero captain Mike Warren.  I got a glimpse of their provisioning list - those guys are going to feast their way north, that's for sure.  I'd have it no other way, they deserve nothing but the best there is.  Mike is planning an outside trip to Beaufort, SC if the weather cooperates which he estimates will take 60 hours offshore.

I'm in the process of learning yet another new skill - negotiating with an outfit in Stuart to rent a life raft.  Did you know that since the life raft contains flares, it is considered haz mat and subject to specific regulations about its transportation to and from the boat?  That translates to the need for a special ground trucking service from NY back to FL (which translates further into $$$$).  Does anything marine-related not cost a fortune?  However, after applying my analytical skills (smile) to this process, I determined that it is still less expensive to rent, rather than purchase, a life raft.  Once I start cruising (oh please let it be soon!), I can look into purchasing the raft - and will be happy to do just that!

I'll try to get the Montauk pictures posted tonight if I get home from work and the barn at a civilized hour.  I feel as if I've let everyone down by my disappearing act and owe you all - big time.

I'll be back soon - promise!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

TrawlerFest, Riviera Beach, FL

On the day Olympia left for TrawlerFest, even the heavens welcomed her trip by greeting her with the most incredible sunrise.  BTW, this picture is the wallpaper on all my devices!  Being the nit picky captain I am, I called the "crew" and asked them to erect the KKY pennant and flag (which I correctly assumed was not in place either).  They said "aye aye captain" and got those flags up in record time - and sent pics to prove it.  LOL

Olympia continued her trajectory of awesomeness at TrawlerFest 2015, this year held at Riviera Beach, FL.  I arranged to attend the last day on January 25 and landed in West Palm Beach airport at 10 am.  I met 2 other Krogen owners who I invited to stay aboard with me that night and hitch a ride back to Stuart on what would be Olympia's maiden voyage the following day.  Yes, she had already plied the seas, but now she would have her proud mama at the helm, so this was THE maiden voyage for both of us!

It happens every I rounded the corner of the dock to where Olympia was holding court, I looked up and suddenly saw her imposing bow rising above me - and I caught my breath in wonder.  What a start to what would be a most extraordinary week!

She's beautiful from every direction!

The guys sent me this picture of Olympia once she got settled in her slip.  I told you that bow of hers is imposing!  Olympia is snuggled up to a sister KKY - Alba is a brand new and gorgeous 48 AE.  There's not a lot of room at these shows is there?

The day was fun - the KKY staff did a great job of reminding folks that Olympia was a private vessel so that no one decided to make themselves at home...

I loved listening to comments as folks entered the salon and had a look around.  There was no doubt who the owner was when they looked in my direction - the room was lit up with my proud smile!  The KKY staff does an incredible job at these shows.  It is an exhausting day for them since they always have to be "on" - answering questions, giving tours, making sure no one sneaks by or keeps their shoes on - all while standing outside in the elements.  Sunday was a gorgeous day - sunny, no wind and moderate temperatures.  It seemed as if Mother Nature did everything in her power to welcome me to the show and the ride "home" on Olympia.

The next morning was THE day I had been dreaming of for 2 years - me at Olympia's helm taking her home to her slip in Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart.  We were up early and had our girl ready to go by 7:15 am.  My trusty mentor Mike Warren would be at the helm with me, never mind with me - actually glued to my side - for the almost 5 hour run to Stuart.

The departure was quite tricky - you saw from the pics above that Olympia was in her slip with not much room to spare.  Captain Mike said we would have to "walk" her away from the dock since there was little room to move forward and NO room to move her backward.  I was very happy to be co-captain at this point and listened intently to his instructions.  We held a pre-departure conference with the "crew"...

With that accomplished, Mike and I wave bye bye to Riviera Beach and go to our battle stations...

Luckily, we had some early morning help getting us away from the dock.  Since Olympia was so tightly docked in her slip, we had to take care as we headed out that her stern was completely clear of the dock while her bow was kept safely away from the end of the dock.

Only now did I breathe a sigh of relief...
Check out that beautiful sky by the way and the way the rising sun is kissing the pilothouse.

So now that we're off, Alba could leave her slip and follow us back to Stuart.  Luckily for me, Larry of KKY was aboard Alba and offered to take some wonderful shots of our maiden voyage.  I was thrilled with the outcome.  But before you see those, I know you've been waiting to see these,,,,

These pics are what a dream looks like when it comes true......

Now that I've wiped some tears away, look at these wonderful pics of Olympia in her element!

I love this one - I'm actually taking her under a bridge, after calling for an opening on the radio!  This is important stuff!

 I hope you enjoyed these long-overdue pictures of Olympia and I finally getting to know one another.  The next post will re-capture her christening ceremony later in that week.

Please stand by.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Queen of the Fleet Has Arrived!

Thanks to the expert navigational skills of my favorite mariner Mike Warren, he and his talented crew got my girl safely into her spot at Trawler Fest, this year being held at Riviera Beach.  Trawler Fest begins tomorrow and ends Sunday.  I'll be arriving Sunday morning to bask in the comments of the attendees.

Judging from these pictures, I'll really be basking!

This is Olympia on her way to Riviera Beach at sunrise this morning.  Why oh why am I here in 28 degree weather when I could be here??????

Safely docked starboard side to, waiting for her admirers to arrive

Olympia's bow makes a statement everywhere she goes!

If I get more pictures from Trawler Fest, I'll be sure to share them!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Dream Will Become Reality......

Next week, the dream that I've been dreaming for two years will come true.

Olympia will carry my family and some very dear friends to a quiet spot where my daughter and I will scatter our beloved father and husband's ashes to become one with the realm he so loved.  As I write this, I am praying for the strength and dignity to honor Tom's memory in a most eloquent way.  Though the memorial service will be small and private, the many wonderful friends I've made during this incredible and surreal journey will be there with me in spirit.  I've already received calls, texts and emails reminding me of the loving support I can expect.  I guess I've done something very right in this world to be the recipient of such love.

So that I don't leave you feeling a bit unsettled, you need to know that I'm going to have the the most wonderful christening ceremony and party for Olympia later that afternoon!  I've invited the entire Krogen family at Sunset Bay Marina plus everyone and anyone that so much as touched Olympia during her build and commissioning process.  There will be food, drink, music, balloons and all things festive going on to celebrate the Queen of the Fleet (my designation).  If you're going to be in the neighborhood next Saturday afternoon (1/31), please stop by to wish Olympia a long and happy sailing careeer.    And yes, there WILL be pictures.  I have lots of folks volunteering to help, so I'll find a halfway decent photographer and assign the task of filling my next blog with spectacular pictures.

Until then my friends, please keep Olympia and my family in your thoughts as we bring Tom's dream to fruition and celebrate a life that though cut short all too soon, was very well lived.

Monday, January 5, 2015

She's Home!

Happy New Year everyone!  Olympia and I send our warmest wishes for a new year filled with good health, blissful happiness, uproarious good times, smashing success - and the love of family and good friends.

What a start to 2015 - Olympia arrived at her winter home Saturday!  She's safely settled - bow in - on C dock in slip C-2 at Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart, FL.  She's excited to be there since many of her "sister" Krogens are also there.  She is impatiently waiting for the parties to begin!

Her arrival was anticipated and greeted by many well wishers.  Among the well wishers were those who were absolutely bursting to see Krogen's newly designed 55' Expedition.  Olympia did not disappoint!

In just less than 3 weeks, I will be reunited with the subject of my dreams for so long.  I'll be flying into West Palm as usual, but this time, I'm heading to Riviera Beach for the last day of Trawler Fest.  The plan is for Olympia to head back to Stuart at first light on Monday - with yours truly at the helm.  Of course there will be a cast of "helpers", but the helm will be mine!

I found out that the chairs I ordered for the salon on September 13th were finally delivered - not to KKY's office as planned, but to Apex Marina.  After a few phone calls, all was well - Tom Button went to Apex to retrieve the chairs, which are now safely stored until they can be brought aboard.  I'm delighted that they'll be there for my visit.  At last another place to sit other than the settee!  Things are falling into place.  I arranged for Olympia's spa schedule so that she will always be gleaming and also arranged to have her generator oil changed - we're already at 53 whole hours!

Since not much will be happening until my visit at the end of this month, I ask your indulgence for this unavoidable dry spell.  If the marina's Wifi cooperates, I promise to regale you with the happenings of my visit - which by the way will culminate with a memorial service for Tom and Olympia's christening.

What a time it will be!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful readers!  It's been an incredible year, but I have a feeling that with Olympia in the picture, next year will be even more incredible.  

By the time boating season rolls around, our Tucker will be old enough to join me at the helm.  For now though, he's mastering the art of a red Radio Flyer tricycle!

This is Christmas!

Enjoy a wonderful holiday season everyone!