Thursday, October 2, 2014

She's through the Panama Canal!!!

At about 10:13 pm our time, Eris J entered the Miraflores Lock on her way to Gatum Lock on the Atlantic side.  She's just leaving camera range as I send this post.

I sat glued to this computer screen for about an hour after rushing through a fairly decent game of golf (for a change) and dinner afterwards.  Got home in time to begin a barrage of texting my good friend in California and emailing Tom's dear friend in Texas as we waited for Eris J's bow to appear on the screen.

Words cannot describe the feeling as I laid my eyes on beloved, long-dreamed of Olympia for the first time!  It's too bad the torrent of tears blurred my vision for a bit.  Sharing it with good friends made this incredible experience all the more precious.

Both friends are very computer saavy and took screen shots of Eris J and her precious cargo.  As soon as I have them, I'll try to upload them for you.  Notice I said I'll try.  I might need to pay off a 10 year old, but I'll do what I have to.

Gotta run.  Taking a friend to La Guardia for an 8 am flight tomorrow.   Need I say more?


  1. Hi Bunnie
    It is exciting reading the past couple messages. It is like thinking about when you can pick up that book again anticipating what the next chapter will bring. Allowing all to follow you in your journey is a gift. Thank you Thank you!
    Rob and Patty

    1. Dear Rob and Patty,
      You are too kind. The gift is having wonderful people like you caring enough to follow along and take time to share your thoughts with me. Friendship is the gift that keeps on giving.
      Eris J and Olympia are expected in Port Everglades on Monday afternoon. I have the link to the port's webcam that I will share.
      BTW, I sent a message to your email account yesterday (could have been the day before).

    2. Hi Bunnie,

      We are looking forward to that day for you. It will be the intermediate stop of Olympia's long journey to you. When she is comfy in her slip she will be home at last.
      We did not get your email. Was it the email address that Laura uses to contact us? When you have time please try to resend. I am not good at all with gmail. I am used to my business email account and our AOL account we have had for ever. You probably thinking now, hummm, now these people have a business, navigate boats, but can not figure out gmail....OK what's up here.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Rob and Patty