Friday, October 17, 2014

Olympia's Offload Pictures

So here I am!  I skidded over to the laptop at the sunny hour of 11 pm, but then that's about par for me these hectic days.  My plan was to pop over to the barn after leaving work at a civilized hour.  That did happen, but when I got to the barn the sight that I saw made me gasp.  My usual clean, silky-haired beast of a horse was a different color!  Closer inspection of this sight revealed at least an inch of dried mud firmly adhered to his "beginning of a winter coat" body.  2 1/2 hours later, he was clean.  Emphasis on him cause now that dried mud became airborne and landed on me.  Anyone who thinks it's glamorous to own and ride a horse should pay me a visit sometime, especially around 9:30 pm on a  subzero night when most sane people are warm in their homes.  I do adore that brat though!

So though a bit out of sequence due to my ineptitude in uploading pictures at times, here are Olympia's offload pictures.  As said earlier, this girl likes to make night statements in all she's done so far.  The initial pictures are in daylight, but the finale takes place in the dark - again!  One of my followers asked about my reaction to seeing her suspended above the water by a mere 2 slings.  Let's just say if I don't ever see another picture of her dangling, it will be too soon!

So as they say in New York, get on with it, girl!

Olympia patiently waits with her neighbors for her turn to get off the ship after 6 weeks at sea.  There were many "show" boats on this ship, all bound for FLIBS, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.  That includes yours truly.

The drama queen is pretty much alone up on deck except for a boat in the background.  She is waiting to make her entrance.
Getting ready to go!

Up, up and away!  Even dangling from a harness, Olympia has class!

I'm going to stop here cause all of a sudden, it's midnight and I have a busy day tomorrow, actually today!

The next pictures are worth waiting for, with an exciting sequence of events.

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