Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mast is up!

Before I head out for a momentous meeting with our dream come true, I wanted to leave you with two of the latest pictures of the commissioning process - the mast and galley backsplash.

The mast is a work of art - even at this stage...
(Looks like an ad for Garmin)

The galley backsplash exceeded my expectations. The material is a combination of Travertine and glass.  Trying to choose material and a pattern (or not) from a small sample for a space I've only seen in pictures required some intuition, a leap of faith and plain grit.  I think the end result speaks for itself....

I was rushing to find a picture of the helm chairs that were installed this week, but can't find them.  Heck, I'll send you a picture of me IN those helm chairs, much better than just the empty chairs I think.

Here goes folks.  It'll be show time in about 8 hours!  Please think of me.

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  1. We have been thinking about you all day.....Godspeed...
    Rob,Patty and Willie