Monday, October 13, 2014

Offload Pictures to Follow

Just wanted to let you know I got the offload pictures saved to my photo library.  They came in 4 separate emails from Tom B. with about 11 pics in each email.

It's too late to start now, so I just gave you a tease and hope to post the others on Wednesday or Thursday, social schedule permitting. Tomorrow is my monthly bereavement group meeting, followed  by dinner with my little group afterwards.

Got a report today that workers are like ants swarming all over the boat.  The helm seats and mast were scheduled for installation today.  Another part of the electronics team is working on snaking the miles of wiring for everything throughout the boat.

Someone took a picture of something and a very upside down, chaotic salon came into view.  So glad I'm not there this week!  I'd be underfoot with my Swiffer and army of cleaning stuff!  As it turns out, I should see quite a bit of progress when I arrive, including a cleaned up salon.

That's it for now folks.  More offload pictures will follow later this week.  Don't be grumpy cause you're gonna see some pretty fine pictures from yours truly next week!


  1. Awesome! BTW, are you sure you want to see Olympia dangling in the straps as she is offloaded? grin

  2. LOL, John! I've seen enough of her in the air to last me a lifetime.