Saturday, September 27, 2014

Olympia is getting closer!

This is the latest report from the ship.  As you can see, they're pretty mellow about issuing their reports.

25/Sept/2014 12:00hrs LT   -    20:00hrs GMT
21*43 N  -  109*23 W
Wind: NW  2 – 3  Bft
Swell : NW  1.5 mtrs
Speed: 13.74 kn
Miles steamed last 23hrs : 316 MILES
Miles to go next port Balboa : 2042 miles

Eta Panama (transit only) 01/Oktober   -  18/00HRS
Vessel pre-booked for Canal Transit 02/October

Eta Port Everglades 06/Oktober  PM

One point of sanity for me is watching the numbers drop as the ship approaches the Panama Canal.  By this time, if ship did only 300 miles per day, she would be 1,442 miles from the Canal.  I can wrap my head around that number for sure.

So what do I do with myself these days?  Pace.  Pace and plan.  Pace, plan and panic.

I content myself with looking at the various parts of the build process until I think I can build a 55 myself - well, at least as part of the build crew.  I ask myself questions, some of which I answer, some of which I don't want to answer.  

I am attending the Rendezvous in Solomons next month.  I'm hoping that while I'm there, we will be getting pictures of the offload.  I decided to go to the Rendezvous instead of standing on a dock for hours burning vacation days when I could actually be learning something.  I do have tickets booked for the week after the Rendezvous to finally lay eyes on the image I've had glued to the back of my eyes since what seems like forever.  

I must confess that there is degree of apprehension about this meeting.  While I'm out of my mind excited to finally see the real Olympia, the specter of seeing her without Tom by my side will be something to reckon with.  I will have my beloved Laura by my side however - one needs to share this kind of surreal moment with a very special person.

So friends, just a few more posts until the real deal is here.  I have a feeling we are not going to be disappointed by Olympia in all her glory.  The "home of the gods" is coming home to me at long last.


  1. The tile looks beautiful. We are doing some work to our Fl home and our back splash looks similar to the one you picked out. Our cabinets seem to look close in hue to the interior of Olympia and we think it will look perfect. We are anxious for the ship carrying Olympia to reach the Canal....only a few more days Lord Willing...
    Rob and Patty

  2. You two have been my most loyal supporters during this entire process - for which I am so grateful. I so enjoy reading your generous comments and know we will be forever friends when we finally meet. If you send your email address to my gmail account, I can tell you the tentative date for Olympia's christening. You must be there to celebrate with me.
    All the best,

    1. Hi Bunnie...we would love to be there when you christen your new girl if our schedule can coincide with your timing. We feel honored that you would want us there.
      I am really not good with gmail and how to reach you through your gmail account. You can get our contact info from Laura, I will send her a message that it is ok to give it to you. I am sorry I am weak in this cyber mode.

      One more day to the Canal....Yahooo!

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Rob and Patty