Sunday, October 12, 2014

Olympia Arrived in Stuart!!!!!

Just landed on Long Island after 5 VERY fun and informative days at the Krogen Cruisers Rendezvous in Solomons, MD.  Got to "hang" with old friends and met a ton of new ones.

It was so hard to get a speedy signal at the marina (and since I was up at 7 and back in bed after midnight each night), there was precious little time to get anything not Rendezvous-related done.

Anyway, I do have some pictures of Olympia in her "commissioning" slip at Allied/Apex Marina in Stuart to share, but first......

I have to rush to the barn to check Wiggles, do a quick grocery shop (I only need stuff for this week, cause you know what's happening a week from today)  RIGHT?????????

Be back later and so sorry for the picture black-out interval.

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