Friday, October 17, 2014

More Offload Pictures

Sorry for the interruption.  Here's a continuation of last night's offload pictures.
While I was looking at some pictures, I came across Serenity's offload pictures.  Almost identical - eerie!

Olympia continues her progress from the ship to her natural home - the water!

She's on her way....

Though she looks like a toy boat here, you can appreciate her size when you look at the workers on the ship's deck.

               About here is where Gregg steps aboard for the rest of the trip down to the water.

Olympia is still tied to the Eris J while her engines are started and the iPad is set up to navigate in the absence of electronics.  I think this moment would qualify as the time when one prays that all goes well and that everyone has done their job to all the specs!

                                           Bow lines off!  Olympia is almost on her own.....

                                                     .....and next go the stern lines!

    Steady girl, you're on your own and ready to head for home and your very anxious new mom!

                                                   Olympia is on her way home at long last!

This part of Olympia's journey concludes a 15 month-long odyssey that was fraught with the most extreme of emotions - the ecstasy of signing her purchase agreement, the despair of thinking I would also lose her after losing Tom, the uncertainty of actually going forward with the purchase, back to the ecstasy of voiding the amendment to sell her - and now, the excitement of counting the hours until I actually see her for the first time.   For those of you who have followed this saga, I thank you for being there with your interest and good wishes.

 There is so much more to come, so stay tuned!


  1. I like the lifeline arrangement aft of the pilot house, but, what we are all awaiting is the photo of the owner on the landing of the staircase in the salon......have fun and don't forget the wine glasses.


  2. Hi Frank, you shall have your picture and many others. I'm bringing my KKY Tervis tumblers in my suitcase for the occasion! Thanks for the thought!

  3. Great Pictures!!!
    You are going to see and touch tomorrow at that point your new chapter we begin....we all will be with you...
    Rob,Patty, and Willie

  4. She's beautiful Bun, best of luck!!