Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The latest decisions to be made

I almost went into withdrawal without our conference call today about boat "things".  The feeling was short-lived though.  Around 4 pm, in came a message itemizing several topics that had been discussed, but not decided on.  Here's what's on the radar:

Name boards or not?  If yes, painted or varnished? If not, where will name go in addition to transom?
Cockpit cabinet or not?  Considerable add-on
Cap strip varnished or painted with Awlgrip paint?  If varnished, just cockpit, or entire boat?
Wood window trim for blinds in salon, guest stateroom, galley and pilot house?  Another considerable add-on, but I really love the way cherry wooden blinds look when they're encased in built-out window trim.

I equate these decisions to those one makes when going shopping for big ticket items.  Somewhere along the way (unless one has just hit the lottery), the real cost must be weighed against the "wish list" and choices made.  Dreams can be expensive, but with careful planning, it's possible to have it all without breaking the bank.  I'm at this point now.  What I always keep right in front of me is that a week ago, I wasn't sure the bank would agree with my idea of buying this boat at all.  A week later, I'm discussing whether or not to have name boards!  Holy cow!

Speaking of name boards, I think I've selected a name for the new lady.  I'm calling her a lady cause she is so much more than a girl.  Though you're welcome to offer your suggestions and even take wild guesses, I'm going to leave that a secret until later.  How much later? you ask.  Well, you'll have to just hang in there with me to find out.

I'm sure you're finding these endless paragraphs tough going without pictures, but the only pictures I have were shared with you on September 12th (a lifetime ago for me).  I don't know about you, but I am in my glory recounting all the details and planning that is going into this magnificent boat, the boat I refer to as the boat of dreams come true.  Unless one is fortunate enough to build their dream home, this is as close as I will get to that.  Right now, I have zero interest in a land-based home and actually love the apartment I'm in.  Not having a house, property and all the headaches that go with such ownership is wonderfully liberating.  Though a boat requires endless care and tons of work, it will gladly be a labor of love and devotion.   Besides Tom had tough standards I'm going to have to continue, otherwise......

As if the conference calls didn't make this endeavor real enough, I called Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart, FL today to book a slip for January, 2015.  Though it might as well be a century away, in reality, it's only 10 months away and when you're building a boat, 10 months is nothing.  Due to Sunset's popularity with the Krogen set and because Serenity was there in the winter of 2012, I was able to charm Sam into putting me on C dock with other Krogens and give me slip C-8 (I actually asked for B-8 since that was the slip Serenity was initially assigned until we were delayed by Hurricane Sandy).  I am so excited about this little nugget of gold I was able to secure.  Sunset is a beautiful marina, conveniently located in walking distance of a charming downtown with great shops, restaurants, museums and a waterfront park that offers Sunday concerts in season.  Yay!!!  Now I just have to hope C-8 is as wide as I remember B-8 was.  18 ft. of beam is a lot of boat to snuggle into a slip.  I do intend to do the snuggling by the way, so you might want to get your deck chairs out, pour the wine and watch the show.  I promise entertainment.

Speaking of entertainment, that's all for tonight folks.  Nite nite.

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