Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Off and Running

Today is only Tuesday, and since yesterday, I've already spent nearly 3 1/2 hours on the phone with the KKY build team.  We had back to back conference calls to discuss the issues KKY was patiently waiting for me to address.

With a virtual tour of the other 55s up on the computer, we went to work.  Since 55-005 will be the first with the new steps to the pilot house and engine room access configuration, there is no other boat to look at.  The new design will move the pilot house access staircase to the starboard side and allow for a "landing" to decrease the pitch and size of the original staircase.  As if that is not wonderful enough, access to the engine room will now be through a regular door in the guest head.  That room will be moved forward, making the room bigger to allow a door with steps down to the engine room.  All steps will be household size, making for comfortable movement up and down the steps.

As in other Kadey Krogens, there is ample storage, even for a liveaboard.  Every inch of the boat is cleverly planned to accommodate one's "stuff".  I was amazed at all the areas designed to store things of all sizes.  I was even able to plan for shelf height to account for my "bar" items.  Can't forget those bottles of scotch, vodka and other libations that make living aboard a boat pure bliss.

Though Tom and I had spent many hours planning the boat's interior features, we went back to each item and discussed the living spaces inch by inch, outlet by outlet.  There is something so satisfying about being able to have exactly what one wants - within reason, of course.  Since I've never lived aboard anything, I do have some challenges thinking about how the boat will be used during all my life stages.

What makes building a boat home so exciting, is the advice so generously offered by other Krogen owners.  It is comforting to know folks have my back and will do everything possible to help me avoid mistakes or overlook something I didn't know to look for in the first place.

Luckily for me, my office is fantastic about how I move through these days.  Since Tom's passing, they have been understanding and thoughtful, giving me the time and space I need to do what I need to do these days.  I don't think they planned to have me build a boat while this generosity was being doled out, but that's where we are now.  These past 2 conference calls were held at lunchtime, but I know my co-workers can hear every word I whisper.  Anyone passing my desk took a second look at the notes, brochure and virtual tour on my screen - few have ever been around someone building a boat, so it is quite a novelty - hey wait, that includes me too!

I'm quietly excited (well, as quiet as I can be) about this new turn of events.  It's not even a week since that life-changing call from the underwriter, but I'm already entrenched in all things marine.  I still find it hard to believe that this magnificent boat will be mine, not only to spend fun weekends on, but to actually live on full-time.  To think I won't have to drag myself off the boat Sunday nights makes me giggle with glee.  On a more solemn note, Tom will be a very real presence with me on the boat since so much of his knowledge and experience went into selecting the boats running parts.  My very safety has already been ensured by my beloved captain.  For that reason, this won't be an ordinary boat to call home.  It will always mean so much more to me.

Please stay tuned as the plans continue to evolve.  As soon as there is something to show you, you can be sure I will be showing off this new lady in my life.

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