Sunday, March 23, 2014

Still doing "boat things" over the weekend

Just a quick note to let you know that there is really no rest for the weary.  Since I'm not weary, I'm not resting!

I took a little jaunt to a local granite quarry to take a peek at some huge slabs of granite.  Infinitely easier than trying to imagine how an entire galley and 2 heads will look from a small square of granite!  Needless to say, the choices are beyond endless, but at least this time, I wasn't being threatened with an overnight stay.  I think I may be narrowing down my choices though.  Since we had a very dark grey granite counter top in our home, I'm steering far away from that color.  It showed every drop of water and dust mite that had the nerve to settle there.  Tom and I always loved deep, rich shades of green.  I especially love the way dark green looks against ivory and cherry.  There are 3 different green granites that have caught my eye.  One was actually from the Krogen samples I was sent; the other 2 are from the local quarry.  This quarry actually has a branch in Fort Lauderdale.  Since it's not time for that decision, I'll keep driving myself crazy with granite choices.  Wait, I haven't even gotten to the tile selection yet!  Oh boy!

Those of you who either own or are crazy about Kadey Krogen boats, can imagine the look on the quarry worker's faces when I showed them where the granite would be going.  Like me in the days before owning a boat, I couldn't even begin to fathom what an interior of a vessel capable of living aboard could offer.  Well apparently, neither could they!

I spent a very productive half hour with my trusted friend Betty this evening discussing the electronics quote.  It's a very scary looking document to the uninitiated, so off I ran to the one person who uses her boat the way I hope to.  I have another crackerjack to consult before even beginning to talk turkey.  How lucky am I to have such knowledgeable and wonderful friends to bounce ideas off of?  Not many owners-to-be have this opportunity to consult with the very owners of the same type of boat.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week and a new round of conference calls to discuss the items of the day.  I look forward to every call and every decision to be made.  Each decision brings the boat one more step closer to completion.  Each decision brings Tom to the call.  Eventually all these decisions will lead to the boat being loaded on to a freighter and home to me!

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