Monday, March 17, 2014

Day off from boat decisions

Though I didn't make any boat decisions today, a 6 pm email from KKY set my thought processes in motion.

Since the interior of this boat will be a brand new design, there are some changes that will occur without precedent.  Since I am totally inept at conceptualizing plane drawings, we have some challenges ahead.  For example, I was asked to look at the guest stateroom which I will configure with twin beds to accommodate the different types of passengers that will be aboard.  Since the new steps to the pilot house will be above this room, we have to account for them overhead.  Additionally, I'm planning to place the entertainment system components in an electronics cabinet that will be at eye level in a cabinet that will front into the starboard companionway and protrude into the guest stateroom.  After my first thought that this would look awful, I was brought to my senses with a drawing that showed the bookcase above one of the beds blending into a header, soffit, whatever, that would hide the steps and cabinet protrusion.  I should have known better that KKY would build anything in a boat that didn't elicit sighs of contentment.

Next on deck for tomorrow (pun intended), is to decide on the sweep of the galley counter.  Translation: I've asked that the counter overhang into the salon a bit so that bar stools could be placed at the counter looking into the galley for impromptu cocktails while dinner is being prepared, a quick breakfast when the weather doesn't permit al fresco dining, or whatever else occurs in that area.  As we boaters know, there is never enough seating space - especially on a party boat.

Since good lighting is so important on a boat, I am in the process of changing out the standard reading lights in various places for the single arm Cygnus lamps I had and loved on Serenity.  Instead of having a bunch of lamps around that need to be stowed during trips, these sweet wall lamps are classy, neat and out of the way but provide the perfect light at the right height for reading wherever one may be sitting.  So, you'll probably see these lamps in the salon, guest and master staterooms and in the pilot house.  I'll still have room for a decorative lamp or two, but they won't be a necessity.

So this is where I am right now.  Making all these decisions and selecting furnishings is fun and exciting but also a bit stressful at the same time.  Since this boat will be my home, I want to put the best I can afford into every detail, knowing full well that I will have to make choices when necessary.  I'm getting excellent, objective advice from the very people that build people's dream boats, so I'm in good hands.

Looking forward to tomorrow's ideas, decisions and continuing the dream.

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