Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cruising Right Along

Another successful conference call today with a most patient and encouraging KKY guru.

Somehow, with the help of plan drawings (they give me the hiccups), pictures of other boats and a lot of help from Tom B., the following decisions were made today - and in under 35 minutes.  I'm really getting the hang of this whole project (not a minute too soon I might add).  Do I hear a collective sigh of relief and "it's about time" being muttered?

As mentioned yesterday, today was the day to decide on the galley counter top.  In the all-important galley, we finally decided to sweep the one level counter into the salon so that 2 people can sit comfortably at the "breakfast/cocktail bar" without needing knee surgery after the event.  I'm a neat nut, so keeping the counter free of kitchen gadgetry isn't a problem for me.  In fact, although I live alone in this lovely apartment, there is not one extra thing out on the counter, or anywhere else for that matter.  This "bar" will have a bull nose edge while the inboard facing counters will have a granite fiddle.  We decided that the galley is so nice to look at, including the lit glass fronted cabinets facing the salon and the tiled stove back splash, why block the view with a shelf?  Just another place to acquire clutter.

I gave my approval to switch out the reading lamps in pilot house, guest and master staterooms for the wonderful Cygnus single-arm wall lamps.  We also added 2 of those lamps to the salon - one on the port bulkhead, the other above the wine fridge adjacent to the galley ( on this boat, the wine fridge will be across the room on the port side facing inboard to allow for the new pilot house access steps on the starboard side).

Tom B. sent me some drawings of a 58' with the steps to the flybridge cleverly blended in with the bookcase in the guest stateroom to give me an idea of how my guest stateroom will look with the steps to the pilot house.  There are also 3 solid paneled doors in the wall looking aft to allow for some storage in addition to drawers under each of the 2 twin beds.  Though I won't encourage excessively long visits, a guest can comfortably stay aboard with plenty of room to spread out.

Under review are the 2 helm chairs for the pilot house.  We had a Lebroc helm chair on Serenity and loved it for its good looks, comfort and price.  I'm looking at the Tradewinds model in ultra leather to match the settee (color TBD).  I'm opting for stainless components instead of the white or black powder coat option.  Since trim on the boat is stainless, I like to maintain continuity throughout the spaces.  Since I'm not a big person, the regular width seats will be just fine for me and fit nicely in the area behind the helm.

Speaking of the helm, I'm keeping the oversize destroyer wheel Tom had to have.  It'll be nice having it in my hands, knowing this wheel was so important to him.  You've by now noticed the obvious lack of conversation about the electronics.  Tom had made many decisions on what this boat would have in the pilot house.  Some will stay, others will be modified.  That is where I am now.  I'm getting new quotes and new ideas, so no news for you right now.  In my mind, the electronics and name share a rarified position in this build process, so no conversation about either for now.

Another important decision coming up is the salon table.  Though I love the one KKY puts on the boats, I'm not wild about the stainless pedestal in a room rich with the warmth of cherry and leather.  I spent a considerable amount of time (at work) today looking at a dizzying array of tables.  I loved the movable tables on earlier KKY models, but understand they were not very stable when underway.  So I continue to weigh my options for a hi-lo table that can fold out to accommodate about 6 people for a seated, served meal and still look like a beautiful piece of furniture - oh, and also somewhat reasonably priced.  Therein  lies the challenge.

Mentioned in an earlier post was the idea of using cherry blinds (not real wood of course) in the rooms needing something on the windows.  KKY would build a frame in cherry around each window for a custom and sleek built-in look.  This seems to be de riguer (sp?) on the mega yachts that I've seen in magazines.  To be determined is the width of these blinds: 1, 2 or 3".  I'm leaning towards the 1" size - less surface to collect dust and more visibility when in the down/open position.  This size will also present a smaller stack and therefore, disappear inside the valance when pulled up.

Every time I read what I've just written, I have to chuckle - sounds like I actually know what I'm going on about!  LOL.  For those of you contemplating building a brand new boat, you need to be strong- minded,strong-willed, decisive and have some basic understanding of how to read a plan view (I'm ok with the former, but oh dear, those plan views kill me!).

Despite the very important decisions needed (lucky for me and the boat that Tom spent a VERY long time in the engine room and in the other interior/exterior important boat spaces), I'm having a wonderful time building this boat with the KKY team.  It's a bittersweet process for all of us, but everyone is determined to give me the experience of a lifetime while making prudent and fun decisions in a timely, calm environment.

I'm amazed that so much has been accomplished in a week.  I don't feel overwhelmed (only when I have to look at those plan views) and I'm happy with the decisions made.  I've second-guessed myself on a couple of occasions, but with the help of more experienced, saner minds, reason prevailed.

I'll be watching the mail for the ultra leather color cards Tom B. will be sending so that I can select the color of salon and pilot house settees (they'll probably be the same color - I'm thinking a light neutral) and the helm chairs.  Big doings!  Woo hoo!

That's all for tonight folks.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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