Monday, March 24, 2014

Quiet Day

Today was quiet - regarding the boat that is.  One of the reasons today was quiet is because it was not quiet at work.  I have yet to master the art of really getting office work done while talking to the KKY build team about granite, spotlights, etc.

Several emails were exchanged today regarding the recently submitted electronics quote.  As mentioned in an earlier post, my trusted advisers came through (as expected) with excellent questions and suggestions for the quote.  I collected the comments and forwarded them to Tom B.  Some of those issues will be the basis for our lunchtime conference call tomorrow.

The galley and head(s) granite are the next topic for discussion.  To illustrate how far I'm into this build process, I mentioned my granite choices to my golf foursome at dinner tonight.  When I mentioned the color I had in mind, one of the ladies said her mom's kitchen was cherry with that color granite.  I asked her to call her mom on the spot and have her mom text me a picture of the kitchen.  She did - 2 of them in fact!  One picture showed the granite against the cabinets, the other was a close up of the granite.  The next project for this lovely person was to find her kitchen fabricator and see if anyone can remember the name of the granite.  I forwarded the granite pictures to Laura right from my restaurant chair.  There was a bit of eye rolling going on when they thought I wasn't looking, but not too much.  They don't want to forfeit future fun times aboard.  Smart ladies.

Although it can be overwhelming to build a boat, especially as a novice, the build team is helping me with the visuals, endlessly explaining guess what - yup, the plan views and just helping me keep priorities in focus.  Each day is more exciting than the previous one, so much so, that I find it hard to keep still when I look at the calendar.  September will be a bittersweet month.  The boat is scheduled for completion and it will be the first anniversary of Tom's passing.  I am determined to make it a very special and noteworthy month.

I apologize for the lack of photos at this point.  That's because other than the ones posted last September, there are none.  Tom B. is heading to Taiwan mid-April, so I'm sure there will be many photos to send after that trip.  Thank you for your patience.

Standby for the synopsis of our conference call tomorrow.  Besides being fun, they are incredibly productive and exciting.

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