Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Anchors away..

Today's conference call had to be accomplished in 30 minutes to accommodate our schedules.  So we were done in 45 minutes, not bad for so many big topics.

I have to tell you that it is far easier to discuss granite and sinks than anchors and electronics.  My head has been spinning since noon today.  Thankfully, I have Serenity's commissioning in mind as I make decisions and discuss topics that were Tom's department in the old days.

Today's conversation centered around several items, one of which was anchors - which ones?  We had a Super Max and Delta on Serenity.  I don't think we ever got to use the Super Max, but we did use the Delta and were always pleased with its performance.  That anchor did a yeoman's job on several weekends when we rafted up with 3 other boats, all in excess of 50 feet.  All 4 boats were held by Serenity's Delta anchor. However, those in the know suggested I consider a Rocna anchor.  I consulted my boating guru Betty, who said she'd have a Rocna if she were to get a new anchor.  We giggled when we realized how our conversation was going.  Most women having an evening chat might be discussing their new spring wardrobe and here we were discussing anchors!  So guess what I'll be doing in whatever spare minutes I can eke out of my day tomorrow?  This is a decision I need to make sooner rather than later since the Rocna style necessitates a particular pulpit design.  But most of you already know that, right?

Once I had my assignment to research the properties of Delta and Rocna anchors, we tackled several electronics items.  I am going with Garmin as mentioned earlier, probably 2 15" screens.  I've abandoned Tom's glass bridge - way over the top for me at this point (in more ways than one).  We discussed VHF radios - Garmin or iCom?  We had iCom on Serenity, so I'm going to read up on both while I get a price quote for each.  At least I know there will be 2 radios so I can keep one on Channel 16 and the other monitoring what is going on "outside".

We tossed around an intercom.  No shouting on this boat.  Besides, I was wondering what to do if I was in the pilot house and I needed someone in the aft cockpit.  Well, that was put to bed in a hurry when I faced the reality that I will NOT be in the pilot house alone while "someone" is in the cockpit. That "someone" will be sitting right next to me at all times for the first 100 years I own this boat!  All joking aside, the intercom is still an open issue.  I hate open issues, but sometimes it has to be open while more research (calls to Betty) is being conducted.

I decided against a wi fi booster.  Besides costing some change, I'm not the sort that lives or dies by signal strength.  This is the whole purpose of adopting this new lifestyle.  Unless it turns out to be otherwise, I can make other arrangements if I find that wi fi rules.

The electronics quote includes AIS -both transmit and receive.  On Serenity, we could only receive which made for some frustrating moments.  The radar will be mounted on the radar arch - how novel.
The autopilot will be state-of-the-art.  Can't manage without one of those babies.  Of course there will be satellite TV, weather and all the other essentials a well equipped boat contains.

I know I sound somewhat vague.  Once the electronics are nailed down, I promise a listing of all the components - including the entertainment package.  If it was up to me, I wouldn't have a TV, but I might find it impossible to have folks come aboard to help move the boat without one.  So, don't worry, there will be a TV, probably a 42" Samsung on one of those Aritex lifts on the port side of the salon.

Now my head is spinning again - and right at bedtime.  These are the times I resolve to post here during the day, but with the KKY calls taking up an hour each day, I can't very well do any posting - and hope to remain employed.  No conference call tomorrow.  I have anchor research to do while Tom B. dives further into the electronics and entertainment packages.  We agreed to touch base again on Thursday.

So please don't be disappointed if I'm not here tomorrow night - unless I must share the exciting data I discover about anchor differences - pro and con.  Who would have thought I'd be excited to read about anchors?  In 2008, I barely knew what an anchor was!  Shows what a difference a few years of boating can do to one's mind.


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