Friday, March 21, 2014

Decided on a lot today (yesterday)

Sorry for the delayed post.  My days are so jam packed, that I seem to just run out of hours.  At 11:40 pm, I was still scurrying around and didn't want to rush my post.  I actually look forward to the time of night I can sit down and go over all the boat discussions of the day.  It's like having a dream with the ability to re-live it over and over with great clarity.  I'm closest to Tom when involved with the boat, so that makes the time especially precious.

Yesterday's updated build sheet introduced a whole set of questions and clarifications.  You notice I'm big on clarifications.  Don't forget I'm a girl from Brooklyn and when all is said and done, us girls know not too much about big boats.  It's a learning process - great fun, but still a learning process.

Yesterday I decided on using Prop Protector cutters on the props.  Not only is this product more cost effective initially, but will continue to be that way over time.  After extensive research and reading owner reviews, it came to light that a product with no moving parts to maintain and replace would serve my needs best in the long run.  Since this big girl has twin engines, every type of engine cost is doubled.  So Prop Protector it is.

Moving along, I confirmed with Tom B. that the entire cap strip forward of the aft cockpit (listen to me spout these nautical terms) will be painted with Snow White Awlgrip.  The cockpit cap strip will be left with traditional varnish.  Again, I love the look of an all teak cap strip, but on this boat, it would be difficult to maintain owing to the inaccessibility of the port and starboard sides.  I think just painting the sides would look ridiculous, hence the decision to include the bow.  Decided, finished, move on.

While on the subject of maintaining varnish, I'm eliminating the name boards and mounting the navigation lights above each pilothouse door as required.  Her name will be proudly displayed on the Portuguese bridge.  Oh, oh, I think I remember saying this before.  Oh well....

Big decision was made to extend the boat deck rails all around the tender.  I may have mentioned this, so bear with me.  To keep my blogs informative, I usually refer to my notes from that day's call, but in my usual fashion, I tend to jump around with excitement.  Anyway, though this set up will necessitate a smaller tender than what would fit, safety is more important to me.  We had a Boston Whaler 110 Sport on Serenity and it was just fine for our needs.  Will probably do the same when the time comes.  Just looking at that exposed area in drawings gives me goosebumps.  The extended railing also provides a perfect spot (center line) to place the oversize flag Tom wanted.  No flapping in one's face in the cockpit and no leaning precariously over the boat deck to furl and unfurl the flag.  Amen.

For now, I decided against adding a rub rail to the swim platform.  Stainless would be hard to keep looking pristine and a black rail would look plain ugly.  Not having that rub rail might help my docking lessons move along more quickly.  Lots of fenders......

To maximize the imposing bow on this beautiful boat, Tom and I decided to add a sheer stripe as a finishing touch.  I'm moving ahead with painting the sheer Forest Green (Tom's favorite color) with a small accent stripe directly below the sheer.  The picture I have is a PDF file, so once I figure out how to convert it to an image (if that can even be done), I'll send it along.  No promises here, you may just have to wait until the boat is here. LOL

I just received the electronics estimate from the vendor and need to spend (lots of) time digesting the information.  Though I was part of this discussion way back when, I'll need to have my hand held as we go through each component (what else is new? you ask).  At first glance, it's a fair and oh so functional package, even includes the Bose sound system Tom was so keen on having.  After all, during my many parties aboard, we need to be able to dance to great music!

Once I've reached a decision, I'll share that package with you.  I'm bouncing it off some trusted and loved KKY folks, so don't expect an update tomorrow.  If anyone would like to share ideas that have worked for them, I'm all ears.

Okay folks, gotta go.  I'm at work after all and can't possibly pretend to be doing something else while this blog is up on the screen.  Shhh.

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