Thursday, March 27, 2014

Just a few email exchanges today

Sorry folks, but the call Tom B. and I were supposed to have couldn't take place today, despite 3 attempts to keep moving the time up.  Work started with a lot of drama and ended pretty much the same way.  I hate when work gets in the way of the things I really want to do!

However, we did manage to discuss a few things in emails.  Tom B. was able to clarify a question I had about chartplotter or radar/other display failure.  I managed to grasp that the way Garmin has its system set up is that if there is a failure on one screen, a cable (it has a number and letter designation I can't recall) automatically swaps the signal to the working screen.  If the other screen goes bad, well a prayer and a previously installed navigation iPad app to the rescue!  That was actually the justification I made to myself for buying an iPad Air - and that was before the boat became reality.

We also firmed up my need for 1 vs. 2 satellite domes.  Since I have no plans to be in an area so remote that a $25K satellite phone and its trappings is necessary, I am going with a single dome on the mast for the KVH satellite TV.  Done deal.  Next....

Lebroc came through with its quote for 2 helm chairs with stainless steel pedestals and accessories.  We are planning to discuss that item tomorrow in greater detail.  The color of the leather will match the pilothouse settee, which will also match the salon settee.  I'm crazy for a light, neutral look that carries throughout the boat.  I'll dress it up with boldly colored pillows and snazzy Persian rugs.  If you remember the rugs on Serenity, they were really wonderful!  A pair of leather club chairs similar to the ones on Serenity and we're in business.  This time, the chairs will be opposite the TV so that anyone in the chairs can comfortably watch the tube.

Also firmed up are the anchors - as mentioned earlier, a Super Max and a Delta.  They'll do the job just fine for the immediate and distant future.  Both anchors will have all chain rode (get me, will ya) and wildcats (thanks Betty) on either side of the windlass.  I even know to make sure the chain gets color coded for depth.  Volunteers?

Poor Tom B. - I sent a rather long list of the items I hope to discuss tomorrow.  Actually, not only hope, but plan to decide on and enter "completed" on the build sheet in that elusive extreme right hand column.  It's becoming a contest with myself to see how many items can make it into that column within a short period of time.

I was excited when the secretary brought me a fed ex package today.  She hung around while I opened it in hopes it was another "treat" from J. Crew.  She was clearly amazed at the joy I expressed when I held up my new treasures!  The package contained 2 lovely pieces of cherry wood.  Oh, do I loooove that beautiful wood.  So elegant and easy on the eyes!  These prizes will be my companion as I roam tile stores this weekend.  Right now on my not too spacious apartment kitchen counter, are the 2 wood pieces with 2 granite samples nuzzling up next to them.  It doesn't take much to pique my enthusiasm when it's boat-related.

So, I apologize for a not too exciting post, but will send more details after the call tomorrow.  Who knows, if I have time, I might post tomorrow at a more sane hour.  There is a method to my madness:  I'm going to a wine tasting, followed by dinner with 2 other friends tomorrow evening.  It depends on how good the wine tasting is if I can post.  Better to be on the safe side and try to get some words down in the afternoon.  I don't dare start tomorrow's post with the words, "sorry folks....."


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