Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We're on target

I was delighted to hear that we are on target for where we should be in the build process.

Today was an "email" kind of day - and not too many at that.  As we speak, Tom B. is sending me a couple of large swatches of Ultraleather which I somehow narrowed down to Light Oyster and Almond.  We tabled the Sunbrella discussion pending getting some cost information from the yard.  No sense spinning our wheels until they need to be spun.  There will be plenty of spinning to come in the days ahead.

However, we DO have 2 pictures!  One is a rendering of what the boat will look like with her sheer stripe on the bow - Forest Green, remember?

What a pretty girl she will be.  Remember, this girl's boat deck rails will encircle the boat deck so yours truly doesn't take any unplanned swims while tending to the dinghy.  My parents were advised to discontinue my ballet lessons - that should tell you something.

This is a photo of what the mast will look like with the radar and satellite TV dome.  This is a first pass and will be shared with RJ Marine to be sure things are where they need to be for optimum performance.

It's a nice clean look that means business without extra frills that detract from the job at hand.

I'm getting excited that this dream is unfolding in front of my eyes!   Last night, I exchanged a few Facebook posts with some Krogen folks who are already looking ahead to next winter in Stuart.  As I read their posts, I realized that my new boat and I will be part of that winter 2015 scene!  With our slip booked and friends ready to party, can life get any better?  I'm amazed that I'm even capable of saying these words since next week will be 7 months since my life changed with Tom's loss.  I guess it goes to show that with the right attitude, a truckload of determination and courage and true friends, anything is possible.  I must admit my impatience with people who look at me as if I've sprouted wings when I respond to the question: "so what will you do now?"  I think it's the condescending tone or look of pity that makes me want to strangle them.  I revel in their looks of amazement, incredulity or whatever you want to call it when I tell them about my plans to pursue our dream.  For those that get it, there is an immediate invitation to join me on the boat; for the others, a change in conversation.

Anyway, you're not reading this to get a philosophy lesson.  Even though there isn't much to share at the moment, I love to just chat away about the boat and my plans for her.  The posts prior to September 12 go into more detail about the other earlier decisions.  If anyone is out there reading this that wants to know more, please let me know and I'll do my best to fill in whatever details you might need or want.  When it comes to boats (and horses, golf and good wine), it'll be hard to shut me up.


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