Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We Have Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so this Mac laptop is fantastic, but the operator, not so much.  I had Tom B. re-send me the pictures I seem to have messed up yesterday.  I had to tell him that a lot of folks might be really unhappy with me if I didn't get these pics uploaded.

Soooooo here goes!

This is the picture that when opened it at work, caused several people to rush over to my desk, thinking I was in the midst of cardiac arrest!

At the end of this camera roll was Tom B's comment: " She's the big girl in the factory now".   Her bow is very imposing and will look wonderful "dressed" in a Forest Green sheer stripe.  My heart skips a beat every time I look at this picture.  It really skips a beat when I realize this is my boat.   Most girls from Brooklyn don't get to even think these thoughts, let alone say them!

If you're like me (and many simply are not), I had to call Tom B. to ask what I was looking at - as I did with most of the pictures in this presentation.  We're looking at the engine room, with the twin John Deere engines in the forefront.  The fuel tanks are alongside.  Next to be installed is the Northern Lights generator (genny among those who know what they're doing).  There was apparently a snafu with the order which is being rectified this week with installation to follow immediately upon arrival.  You can see where one of the water tight doors will go if you look at the top of the pic.  This is the part of the boat that keeps me up at night.  Once the granite and pretty settee covering is selected, it'll be all about those engines!

Since the genny had not yet arrived, the boat's sole (floor) was still upside down in the work space showing its underside and maze of wiring to the world.  I'm sort of glad I'm actually getting to see what a 15 hour plane trip would have allowed me to see, never mind the $$$$$$$ needed to get there.  Each wire is carefully placed and plays an integral part in the boat's functional capabilities.

Once the wiring is done, the sole is flipped and placed underside down in the boat to show off her pretty cherry and spruce floor.  Only we will know about the miles of wiring lying right beneath our feet.

This is another view of that very special engine room looking forward (I think).  You can see the Racors in the foreground.  I actually know what those are, what they do, and how to check that they remain clean and at the proper level.  Checking those babes was one of my engine room jobs on both For Us and Serenity.  Surprised you, huh?  LOL

Here we see the bow and part of the salon aft.  You can see the area where the windlasses will be installed, the chain locker, bow lockers (to ultimately be covered with pretty cushions) and where the superstructure will reside.

This picture appears to be the swim platform (I think).  The yard is looking into rub rail material for the edge of the swim platform.  This protection is not only for the occasional misjudgment of the distance to the dock, but for those yahoos who decide to stop by for a cocktail in their dinghy and think the boat is a really a big dock for their dinghy.  I (we) had already decided to have staples installed on the swim platform.  It always amazes me how high the boat is relative to the dinghy when the time comes to get off the small boat onto the big boat.  Besides, they look cool.

If you use your imagination, this shot looks like she's a rowboat with a wide backside and uncluttered transom, wide enough to pass thorough without turning to one side or the other.

Without perspective, it's hard to tell just how long she is. I'm sure there will be plenty of other pictures to give the appropriate appreciation of her size.

This is the wood (cherry) that will be used for the joinery work.  They really do everything by hand, with great attention to detail.  They apparently try to take care of themselves as well.  It looks like this worker might be preparing a section of the cap strip.

Looking at a boat without a top is weird, but especially so on this boat, since the pilot house with its Portuguese bridge is such a defining feature of this boat.

So that's it for the most recent yard pictures.  Tom B. assures me there will be more to follow now that progress is being made at a good pace.

I was thrilled to find out that those pesky table struts on the wood hi-lo tables have been re-designed and provided by a different manufacturer. They've been approved by the yard so it looks like I will have my wood hi-lo table after all, at a modest additional cost.  I really did not want the steel pedestal
table on this boat.  In addition to wanting a table that looked more like a piece of furniture, I didn't want to have to cut the rug I insist on putting under that table.  The rug is a Persian rug that Tom and I gave each other as an anniversary present many years ago.  For those years, it was the centerpiece of our den.  It's now up in the loft in my apartment.  It fits that area perfectly and is not subject to any traffic up there.

That famous build sheet is now 3 pages, but there are a lot of "completed" entries, a real sign that this dream is unfolding before our eyes.  There are days when I think I won't be able to wait 5 more minutes; then there are the days when my knees get weak at thought of what I'm doing.  It's a good weakness, but still weakness nevertheless.

Next post will have plan views of 2 views I requested: one of the guest stateroom looking to starboard.  I wanted to see how the electronics cabinet mounted in the passageway and pilot house access steps would look in that room.  The second view is standing in the salon, looking starboard at the new staircase providing access to the pilot house.

I'm saving those views for tomorrow's post.  One reason is that I'm falling asleep; the other is to save you from yet another post of all text with no pictures to amuse you.  Thoughtful, right?

Thanks for your patience while you waited for me to untangle my 2 left thumbs and get on with it.  I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures as much as I did (don't see how you possibly could, but it sounds good).  Be back tomorrow (if my dinner with friends doesn't run into the wee hours).

Your comments will be more than welcome.

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  1. I remember when we were building Suite Judy and pictures arrived from Tom. It was like opening a Christmas package every time! I too had to have things pointed out to me. When she really begins to look like a boat, you are going to tingle with excitement ! (As if you aren't already!!!)