Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gearing up for the next round of decisions

Nothing too exciting going on at the moment, while not losing sight of the fact that my long-awaited dream of a boat is being built as we speak!!!

Tom B. is working quietly and efficiently behind the scenes to make sure things are moving in the right direction within the time frame agreed upon.  Our order for the 2 helm seats was placed with Lebroc, a price determined and a delivery date in August nailed down.  So at least my crew and I will have a place to perch in comfort - and style!

Once the intercom is added to the electronics package, that too will be finalized and RJ can initiate the ordering and installation calendar process.  My thoughts on the intercom is that it is an essential part of the equipment package, especially since I will always want at least one person, if not more, with me at the helm for the foreseeable future.  If the 3rd person decides they've had enough of me and wanders too far, I can call them without having to shout (or otherwise send a panicked call for assistance).  Wait a sec, there will be no panicked calls, I keep forgetting that I really will know what I'm doing.  Considering the things I've mastered in my tenure on earth, navigating a small ship is certainly within the realm of possibility.  I keep reminding myself that I'm a former Intensive Care Unit registered nurse who actually was responsible for keeping a unit of critically ill patients alive - and was able to do just that - on most days.

Right now, I'm looking at 2 chunks of granite against 2 pieces of cherry, with different grains.   It's sunny in the spot I've chosen right now.  When I come back later, I'll move them to a different light source so I can get a better idea of how the colors will look at different times of day.  The granite selection is more difficult than choosing the generator - too many options!  I expect to receive color cards for the Ultraleather and Sunbrella fabrics this week.  As mentioned earlier, I'm thinking of dressing the guest beds in Sunbrella fabric so they always look sharp and neat.  Though I want a palette that is easy to complement, I'm not interested in blah.  I'll take a pic of what I decide on - assuming that can be accomplished in this century.

Switching from boats for a bit, I want to share an incredible thing that happened yesterday.  My cousin and I had tickets to see La Boheme at the Metropolitan Opera in the city.  Since we decided to go at pretty much the last minute, our seats though in the orchestra, were in the last row (and still cost $150 each)!  While we were waiting in line to pick up our tickets, a well dressed man approached us and said he wanted to give us a pair of tickets he and his wife were unable to use.  It seems the friends who were supposed to join them were unable to go at the last minute.  When I politely declined saying we already had tickets (I'm a skeptical New Yorker after all), he asked if our tickets were as good as those he was offering.  When I looked at the tickets he was holding out, my eyes popped!  They were for row G (the 7th row) in the orchestra, seats 10 and 12 - only 1 row behind where the gentleman and his wife were sitting.  Those seats were $252.50 EACH.  He assured me he wanted no money for them, he just wanted someone to enjoy those seats.  So.... we picked up our own tickets and graciously accepted his tickets (once I knew no money was involved) and went to those seats (still skeptical).  They were real and absolutely fabulous!  Since one good turn deserves another, we went outside and gave our tickets away to 2 tourists who leaped into the air with gratitude.  How great was that experience!  To add to the drama of the day, the lead soprano (Anita Hartig) who sings the role of Mimi got the flu so that morning, the Met director asked the soprano (Kristine Opolais) who had just sung the lead in Madame Butterfly the night before to step into Mimi's role.   She had never sung or rehearsed Mimi at the Met, so it was a big leap of faith on Peter Gelb's part.  She was fantastic!  Not only did she get a standing ovation, but had to come back on stage several times.  She even got a mention in today's New York Times.  Seems drama follows me wherever I go.  Let's hope there's no drama at the barn when I go to ride my horse later!

Since there isn't too much to report these days while the yard bangs out the latest round of decisions, I feel the need to keep in touch with everyone.  I'm still sensitive to the 6 month hiatus that followed Tom's passing; I don't want to maintain long periods of silence while things are getting done.  As long as you don't mind insertions of happenings of interest, we can stay connected during the "quiet" times.  Have a wonderful day.

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