Friday, April 25, 2014

Pretty Stuff...

Got a message from Tom B. this morning that made me smile.

"We are ready for your final approval on these (reference to attached pics): here is the sheer stripe with the accent stripe below it and where the paint and varnish will be on the cap rail".

Tom and I had agonized over the paint decision.  We finally settled on painting the sheer with an accent stripe underneath (both in Forest Green).  We decided against painting an accent stripe at the boot line.  That is one of two decisions given final approval today.  If you could see this picture in color, you might gasp as I did when I zoomed in to really see the accent stripe.  It is soooo elegant, really cool.  It is painted far enough away from the sheer stripe to see, but slim enough to truly be an accent and not a fight with dominance over the sheer stripe.  Again, trying to work with a PDF evaded me, so I once again resorted to the phone for taking this picture.

This drawing shows the rails encircling the boat deck, just as I requested.  We are moving the flag to centerline of the boat deck railing so it is easy to furl and unfurl.  I think the yard is installing the transducer in the hull this week so the boat won't need to be hauled once she arrives.

This next picture is looking down at the boat to determine where the painted port and starboard cap rails end and the varnished portion in the cockpit begins.  I think they did a great job in determining the best place to make the delineation.

Though I really love the traditional look of an all teak cap strip, it would be virtually impossible to maintain on this  boat which does not have walkaround capability.  I equally hate the look of uncared for varnish, so the decision was a fairly easy one to make and approve today.  Oddly, it was more expensive to have the forward cap rails painted, but I think over time, that will pay for itself in the lack of varnishing fees.

On the way to me as we speak are granite samples from the yard.  I pretty much have a color in mind, but need to see how the veining and speckling appears.  Can't be too much of each you know.  Also en route is a Sunbrella sample that I was able to narrow down to one.  The choices are endless, but since I have a certain look in mind, it was not all that difficult.  If it turns out I don't like the sample, I'll look at and ask for more samples.

Those 2 decisions were today's accomplishments.  I feel very pleased with what has been done to date and the care with which everything is discussed, researched and information offered.  I'm confident in everyone's ability to draw upon their experience to make suggestions and offer various ways to look at many issues.   I know everyone has my back.  What a comforting thought that is!

Have a great weekend everyone.  I'm sure I'll have much to share as next week moves along.

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  1. Your blog is right up there with Chuck and Barb Shipley in terms of giving great info on what's happening. Two different areas, but equally informative and interesting. Please keep up the good work!