Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Plan View of New PH Access Stairway

I hope I can upload this important plan view of the newly designed steps leading to the pilot house.  KKY 55-005 will be the first Expedition model to feature this new access.  One of the reasons I'm here sharing my excitement about this special girl is these very steps.  But first, a bit of history....

While Tom and I were at a Trawler Fest in Baltimore in 2010, we went aboard a brokerage 55 that was actually serving as the KKY host boat.  We met with Larry Polster to discuss our potential build of a 52'.  At the time of boarding, we were immediately impressed with the layout of the 55.  I was ecstatic over the innovative galley layout and spacious salon.  However, by the time I climbed the winding steps to the pilot house, my ardor began to cool.  With Tom's bad knees a major issue in a new boat's design, we had to reluctantly discount the 55.  You know the rest - we decided against building a 52' and instead took delivery of Serenity, the first of the newly designed 48 AE models, in 2011.

If you remember, this dream of finally owning a new 55' took root during the Krogen Rendezvous in 2012 when Larry revealed KKY's plans for a newly designed 55'.  I might have missed this presentation had I not decided to attend the Northern Lights generator class instead of the jewelry-making class.  Once I learned that the very steps that were holding us back were being re-located and re-designed, I went into action and here we are.  This plan view is really everyone's first peek at what these steps will look like in their new location and design.  Instead of one winding staircase, there will be a few household-type steps up, a landing, then the balance of household steps to the pilot house - on the starboard side.  A portion of the hand rail will be open to the salon, giving it an even more airy feeling.  The steps will enter the pilot house on the starboard side while still leaving room for the fridge and original settee shape.  The hope is that the newly designed staircase will be easier and safer to negotiate while underway in less than desirable conditions (which will only happen under the most extreme conditions where there was no choice but to keep going).  The re-located steps also provided for new, walk-in access to the engine room by moving the guest head forward and adding a door in the head that opens into the engine room, with steps down as opposed to a hatch.  That new design is fodder for another blog though.

Well this won't happen tonight.  Since the plan view was sent as a PDF, it has to be converted to an image for me to upload it here.  Back to the experts tomorrow to make this happen.  Sorry for the delay, but if the image can be converted, it will be well worth waiting to see.  You can say "I saw it on Bunnie's blog first".

Til tomorrow folks.....

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