Thursday, April 24, 2014

Plan Views - Really!

So I resorted to old fashioned tactics to get these plan views to you.

I printed the PDF version, placed the copy on my desk and used my phone to take a picture of the plan views.  Not exactly state of the art pictures (even though taken with an iPhone 5s), but pictures nevertheless.  I wasn't able to come up with a plausible enough excuse for why I couldn't deliver on what I promised last night, so here we are.  I should also tell you that I am very recently home - out since 8:30 this morning - had dinner with 10 members of my bereavement group and we managed to close the restaurant.  How do I seem to attract this type of person?  Even at the level of a bereavement group for goodness sake!

On with it I hear you saying, so on with it we go.

This plan view is of the guest stateroom standing in the doorway, looking to starboard, slightly aft.  I wanted to see what the room would look like with the electronics cabinet built into the room from the passageway.  If you remember, I'm no longer interested in re-arranging furniture to get to the entertainment components.

Also - and this is a big also - the newly designed and re-located steps to the pilot house are now to starboard, above a corner of the guest stateroom.  Just remember people, besides the folks actually building this boat, you are the first to get a peek of the new interior.  Drum roll please....

The first sight of this view had me frantically dialing the phone to get Tom B. on the line to tell me what I was looking at.  He calmly (without appearing to be judging) told me that I was looking at the wall against which the heads of the twin berths would rest.   The 3 cabinets cleverly hiding "stuff" also have room for storage, so they serve a dual purpose.  To the left and above the storage cabinets is a bookcase; to the right is a header cleverly concealing most of the steps and electronics cabinet.  The header will be cherry, just like the rest of room, thereby blending these necessary inclusions into the room.  Next to the arrow on the right pointing to the cabinet are the words "Electronics cabinet - facing passage, inboard of steps".  You can also see a wall lamp on each wall for reading.  I really don't like the standard reading lights, so have had them replaced with these Imtra lamps throughout the boat.   These lamps were in the master stateroom on Serenity and I loved them.  Having lighting on the wall frees up valuable counter space and eliminates the need to dismantle and protect lamps when underway.  Up for discussion right now is whether or not to cover the berths in Sunbrella or just leave them with the standard KKY fabric.  Inside scoop - I'm leaning towards the Sunbrella option.  That's a topic for another day since there are LOTS of fabric choices and my head is not there yet.

Okay, leaving the guest stateroom, we look across the passageway to port where the old steps were.  Since the guest head was pulled forward to accommodate a door for walk-in engine room access, that wall facing the guest stateroom is now flush with the edge of the guest head door and a pantry.  All the displays are neatly contained in and next to the double glass doors housing the boat's vital signs.

The next 2 views are looking forward from the salon.  This view is looking forward (through to the galley).  For those of you who are familiar with the 55s preceding this boat, you'll notice some interesting changes.

The first few steps will be visible through a household-type railing, open to the salon part way up.  This design allows for an open and airy look.  These steps replace the wine fridge and bookcase/cabinet that were originally located here.  You don't think I gave them up, did you?????  No way!  The wine fridge will now be at the end of the settee that abuts the galley counter top to port, acting as an end table, though a bit higher than a standard end table.  The cabinet (though not very deep) and bookcase will be on the starboard aft bulkhead.  When I moved, I had 845 hard cover books to do something with.  I donated many of them, but kept some of Tom's favorite books.  Now they'll have a home.

This last view is to starboard as if standing right in the middle of the salon.  You'll notice some nice cherry build outs around the windows for blinds.  I think I may have mentioned the window treatments in a previous blog.  While the actual blinds have not yet been selected, they will be hung inside the build outs, for a neat and custom look.  The same window treatments will be in the guest stateroom and pilothouse.

You might find this one a bit hard to see, but you can see quite a bit of detail: the pilot house access steps, pantry under the electronics cabinet, looking through the guest stateroom wall to where the Bosch washer dryer will live and beyond that, step down to the master stateroom, with central vacuum outlet visible.  Moving aft, you can see the storage cabinets under the windows, once being considered for the entertainment components now in the electronics cabinet.  Also visible are the bookcase and cabinet against the aft bulkhead as described above.  The TV on its lift will be on the port side of this boat so that one can be ensconced in the comfy club chairs that will reside on the starboard side - maybe similar to the beauties on Serenity.

So now you've had a first glimpse of the new interior design which will make this boat so very comfortable to live on - and entertain on.  I hope seeing these plan views was worth the wait while I muddled through evasive technology.

Please stay tuned for more tidbits as we move through this spine-tingling build process.  I can sincerely tell you this is like no other experience in my life to date.  We built our first house in Houston and that was a thrill, but it was just a house.  This is not just a home, but a dream.  Though this dream is unfolding way differently that what I had envisioned, it is unfolding nonetheless with the help and support of some pretty incredible people in my life.  I hope that many of you who are reading and following this blog get to find out firsthand what this dream is all about.

Til later..........

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