Monday, April 7, 2014

Slowly but surely

The Sunbrella fabric BOOKLET arrived today along with the Ultraleather color card (not a tri-fold but whatever is a 6 fold)!

The choices are enough to make a grown woman cry!  There is one whole side of the Ultraleather card devoted to shades of "neutral"!  Luckily, I'm far enough along in my thought processes to be able to eliminate all the colors other than the neutrals.  BUT, and that's a big BUT, the choices are still vast.  Again work got in the way today, so I couldn't give more than a glances to the "gifts" that arrived.  However, in that quick glance, I could see definite possibilities.  

 The Sunbrella fabric card was another story all together.  Solids, stripes, zig zags, swirls, patterns - AND all of these designs come in COLORS!!  Can you imagine my angst when I opened that envelope and saw the gazillion choices?!   As I panted and sweat, I realized that this choice would most definitely not be the walk in the park I expected.  Now I was grateful that work was annoyingly requiring my attention.  Great excuse!  Once I recovered my wits, I zeroed in on the stripes section (several pages of those devils) and settled down a bit.  The fabrics are really lovely and I think just about anything will look wonderful.  So tomorrow at lunch, I will try not to get indigestion while I try to make a Sunbrella fabric selection for those all-important guest stateroom twin beds.  Would any of my potential crew dare to offer a suggestion?

The folks at KKY really know how to set the pace.  While I was agonizing over these 2 fabric challenges, Tom B. gave me another reason to lose control - granite choices!  OMG, as if the arrival of the fabric books wasn't enough to produce some gray hairs!  Again, I'm leaning in the rich green direction, so the samples Tom B. sent pictures of were pretty much on target.  Needless to say, I asked for a sample of each - and we all know what too many choices do to a woman, right?  How this saintly man manages to remain calm and exhibit a sense of humor through all these decisions never ceases to amaze me.  I know I couldn't do his job without possibly insulting customers' inability to just "move on, for Pete's sake".  There are 4 different granite choices in this dark green that Tom B. will be sending me.  Anyone who can envision an entire run of galley counter top from a 4x4 chunk of granite is a better person than I.  So, my week's work is cut out for me.

While all these decisions are exacting their toll on my nervous system, there is a wonderful sense of accomplishment as each decision is made.  Having pictures of other Krogens is a help beyond measure. Many of you have offered generous suggestions based on your experience and for that, I'm very grateful.  I know I keep saying this, but I can't imagine how other boat manufacturer's customers survive the boat building process.  Without the family of other Krogen owners to guide me, I would be hanging upside down from the nearest tree!  Thanks to all who have offered advice, suggestions and just plain good wishes.

So as the week moves on, I'll be playing house, making those all-important fabric selections.  As I've said, I do have some time, so can enjoy and savor the decisions instead of rushing through them, against the clock.

I'll stay in touch!

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  1. Bunnie-We have dark green corian in our house and I still like it after 16 years so it is a color you can live with for a long time. Also just to add more confusion to the decision process, you should seriously consider having a tile backsplash done behind the stove area. Both Seamantha & us (Suite Judy) had ours done this winter in Stuart. I think it would be much easier accomplished in the being built stage rather than later on. Also Kadey Anna did theirs and the heads from the beginning and it looks great. Just a thought.....