Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It was a quiet 2 days - for the boat that is

On Monday, I decided to finally visit my dentist to have him look at a lump that had developed under my gum - over 1 of my brand new front teeth crowns!  Oh oh he said, you have an infection brewing and will probably need a root canal.  Root canal!!  Are you kidding me I managed to shout. Those simple few words put an end to everything normal for the next 2 days, hence, no posts.  Now that you feel sorry for me, I'm sure you're already forgiving me for giving you all the silent treatment.  So I had part 1 of this inhumane treatment for teeth that misbehave last evening and was too miserable to do much more than moan and feel sorry for myself.  Today is a better day, even though part 2 is looming next Tuesday.  So here I am!

Not too much breaking news at this point, but some more email discussions took place today.  I've decided to use RJ Marine based in Stuart for the boat's electronics suite.  RJ did not do the electronics on either of our 2 previous boats, but for a variety of reasons, the other vendors were not invited to submit a proposal.  Tom and I had met with RJ's owner and his techie daughter last spring while we were waiting to close on Serenity's sale.  They were able to see firsthand what we had on Serenity, which was a definite advantage for all of us.  That tour sparked hours of very detailed conversations so that RJ knew how we used Serenity and how we planned to use the new boat.  Since those initial discussions were so comprehensive, I pretty much left things as Tom planned, but with a few tweaks here and there.  Typical of a man, Tom asked for more bells and whistles than I will ever need, let alone know what to do with.  Even now, the proposal reads like something out of a chemistry/physics book with reference to numbers, cables, models, megahertz, macrohertz and every other "hertz" in between.  I plan to go over everything (for the 3rd time) with Tom B., then speak to the RJ folks when I can sound more intelligent than I feel right now looking at those 4 pages of "stuff".   Someone asked me in July who was doing the electronics.  If you're reading this blog, now you know.  I feel very comfortable with my choice; since RJ has done other Krogens and has been in business for centuries (well not quite, but close), I trust their expertise will be up to the task.  I'm sure some of you will want to know which components I'm using for what applications; I'll share that once everything is in place.  Yes I know, that's the whole reason many of you are taking the time to read all this.  Don't worry, I'll try not to disappoint you.

While discussing the guest stateroom, I couldn't remember what material I asked to have the night table in the middle of the 2 beds topped with: cherry, formica, granite?  Tom B. reminded me we discussed and selected cherry.  I will swear I could see the smile he was hiding when he gently reminded me that this item was in that lovely right hand column of the build sheet under Completed.  How could I have forgotten that??????    Anyway, he suggested I might want to consider "dressing" the beds in a sunbrella fabric for a fitted, custom look when guests were not aboard.  I asked for - and received - several photos of other boats who had used this fabric.  While the examples were nothing I would have chosen, the overall effect was stunning.  So, I will receive in the mail a swatch book of colors and fabrics suitable for this use so that I can nudge this topic over to - yup, you're getting it now, the right hand column of the build sheet!  It's great to work with folks who have an unlimited repertoire of suggestions and ideas, backed by actual photos to help with the decision-making process.

The bed fabric discussion invariably led to a discussion of settee and helm chair fabrics.  So also in the mail will come a color card with all the Ultraleather color choices.  I decided to go with Ultraleather after seeing it on quite a few boats.  Not only is it neat, easy to maintain and care for, but it won't crack and fade like leather does, especially in a marine environment.  Our first boat (brokerage) had the beige tweedy fabric that KKY uses on their boats as a default if an owner does not make that initial selection. Serenity was built when we bought her, so she was "dressed" in ultrasuede.  That is beautiful fabric, but hard to slide on and even harder to keep tight on the seat.  It had a tendency to wrinkle and I hate wrinkles - anywhere!  I think I mentioned (see I really do forget what I've said) that I planned to do the settees and helm chairs in the same color Ultraleather.  Since a boat is confined space, I think going with a monochromatic color scheme with splashes of color on non-permanent items provides a more spacious look.  So at the end of this week, beginning of next week, I'll be haunting the receptionist at the front desk, casually inquiring about packages for me that are not from J. Crew.

Lebroc will do the 2 helm chairs as they did on Serenity with stainless steel accessories.  They won't need to be ordered until August, so once the color is selected, that item will go - wait for it - into the right hand column of that famous sheet.  I loved the chair on Serenity, even though I rarely got to sit in it.  These helm chairs will be my second home, so to speak.

A fellow Krogenite kindly offered information on enclosing the aft cockpit.  That is another wonderful feature of building one of these boats.  Though the decisions are certainly individual, they become easier to make after hearing from a whole cadre of knowledgeable and seasoned Krogen owners who want nothing more than to help.  How lucky can I be?

So, as I said, other than identifying the electronics vendor and starting to put some flesh on those electronics bones, nothing huge has happened since last week.  Of course if you're me, anything I do that is boat-related is huge.

As the next items present themselves for discussion and selection, I promise to share.  Don't forget, Tom B. goes to Taiwan in a couple of weeks.  He promises me pictures of what has been done so far which I will race to upload for you.  Since I've already preyed upon your sympathies crying about my root canal, I know I have to deliver - and without waiting a century!

Be well everyone.  Be back soon!

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