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Though beautifully finished, staterooms on KKYs are pretty much the same.  While that is true, the guest stateroom and head on this boat are a bit different owing to the steps to the pilot house and the steps creating walk-in access to the engine room.

Since I will always have company while traveling, the guest stateroom is ready for you.  Two twin berths with a shared table in between and lots of drawer space underneath make having guests aboard effortless.   The wall lamps should make reading a comfy experience.

Should be able to fit quite a bit of gear in this room...  The desk is a real desk, with a drawer for hanging files.  It also doubles nicely as a spot for folding laundry.  The hanging locker is pretty roomy and has a shelf for storing extra bedding.

While visiting, you can throw in a quick wash without even leaving your room...
If these Bosch washers and dryers are as quiet as their dishwashers, you won't even know you're doing laundry!  I had a Bosch dishwasher in the house; for the first few days, I had to go over to be sure I had started it!  It was absolutely silent when operating.

The guest head was moved forward since there is no longer an access hatch to the engine room.  It was also "stretched" to accommodate the new door leading to the engine room.  KKY was considerate enough to find another area for the linen closet that vanished when the door arrived.
 The port lights above the vanity provide plenty of light and the vanity has enough room on it to really spread out those "must have" items.  Obviously, the new door is opposite the vanity.

The electrical panel is pretty much where it has always been.  As a former owner of a 48', I'm delighted with the location of this panel.  On Serenity, I had to go up the steps and sit on the floor to get a good view of the switches.  This panel is conveniently located at eye level.
Judging from the size of this panel. there are a ton of switches in there (gulp).

Looking down the hall, the master stateroom is forward as far as it can go.

In this picture, the bed is up revealing a glimpse of the cavernous storage space under the bed.  If there isn't too much rattling, I may store my golf clubs under there along with winter clothes once I'm living aboard.  I love the fact that the glass-fronted cabinet will light up the companionway very nicely at night.  The  electrical panel is beyond the guest head.

The forward location is what gives the master its unique shape.  I always feel as if I'm being hugged by the boat when in there.  It's the coziest, most welcoming spot in the boat, especially at night when the lights are on and the wood glows.  I have the perfect print to hang above the berth, between the 2 wall lamps.  I so loved certain things on Serenity, that it was a no-brainer to put those things on this boat as well.

Port view of master with a peek into the ensuite master head.  That hanging locker is quite spacious with a nice shelf to keep things organized.

Starboard and aft picture of master stateroom.  The vanity, berth and cabinet next to the hanging locker have wonderful drawers.  The ones under the berth are big enough to crawl into.  The hanging locker has 2 sets of shelves that run the length of the locker; there's even a port light in the locker for greater visibility.  The unique positioning of port lights and windows make this a very bright and airy boat.  My favorite type of living space!

Though the master head is not as large as the guest head, it is spacious and comfortable enough to get the job done.  I've never felt cramped in any of our other boats heads.  This head is bigger than the bathroom in our first apartment in Brooklyn!  I had the outlet recessed into the wall.  On Serenity, the outlet was mounted on the face of the cabinet - a nuisance when using an electric toothbrush or hairdryer.  Amazing how such small conveniences can make a difference.

These are the last pictures taken by Tom B. during his August trip to the yard.

The pictures in the next posts are the ones taken by the yard just prior to getting my girl ready to come home to me.  The cushions are on the settees and several other finishing details can be seen.  

The pictures will have to hold us until the big girl arrives in Stuart a month from now.  Personally, I think I will be losing my mind with excitement, but following her on her voyage will have to keep me sane.  I have quite a few folks helping me track her.  Now that she made a stop in South Korea and is on her way, we should be getting updates shortly.

Hang in there with me everyone!

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