Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ready to go......

The yard was kind enough to take some final pictures before putting my girl into her traveling clothes.  We finally have some pics of the settee in both the salon and pilot house with the cushions in place, the guest stateroom berths in their new outfits and a few other random pics.  We of course have several more pictures of those amazing steps.   Judging from the amount of pictures of the steps, I'd venture to say the yard was quite impressed with its handiwork.   Sort of like stepping back to admire a great work of art - and being surprised to realize it's yours!

These pictures show the settees dressed in their Ultraleather clothes, just begging for company.

There I will be in that sweet corner, snuggled into beautiful, soft pillows, blinds closed against curious eyes, with a luscious glass of a fabulous red wine, probably an Argentine malbec from the Mendoza region.  The gorgeous hi-lo table will be waiting for me to rest a plate of something yummy to eat, while the lamp is perfectly positioned to shed its best light on the feast about to unfold.
Wow!  What an imagination!

              Another view to make you want to jump aboard this very instant!  Can you stand it?!

The master bed finally has its mattress in place.  Though I will probably replace this mattress as I did on Serenity, it will be just fine for the immediate future.  It will be beautifully dressed and ready to be admired shortly after I come aboard.  Check out those fabulous drawers under the mattress!  Trust me when I tell you that these drawers are deep enough to hide in.  Maybe that's a problem..

As if there aren't enough drawers in this lovely master, there are more to tempt the most diehard spendthrift (that wouldn't be me).

Don't know if you noticed, but there are newly designed hatches in place.  They are made by a British company called Oceanair.  They are quite clever in design in that they don't require any sort of "blackout" canvas work.  There is a panel that simply slides across the hatch from the inside to block out the light.  This is the same company that is making the blinds I chose.  They're called Skyvenetians.

The master vanity with the protective covering removed to reveal the beautiful cherry top.  I decided against granite in the staterooms, thinking that the cherry would so much warmer and cozy.  You can get a peek of the larger hanging locker with its generous deep and long shelves.  Probably the last time you'll see the locker empty!

Peek into the master looking to port.  Those port lights let in a lot of light but not enough privacy when in the marina.  Not to worry - this will be rectified with one call to my favorite window dresser.  This hanging locker, while not as large as the one to starboard is nonetheless roomy and thoughtfully outfitted with a deep shelf.

The pilot house settee offers another warm and welcoming space to enjoy a lazy day aboard (are there such things on a boat I wonder?  Don't think so from what I've heard).  Well, in case there is a time when I am aboard and in need of new scenery, this is where I'll head to enjoy a 360 degree view of the "neighborhood."
I love this space!  Aside from the green protective coverings and lack of pillows, this space is ready and waiting for some person(s) to rest their weary bones.  Of course having a fully stocked fridge within arm's distance doesn't require too much of a sacrifice.

The master vanity is perfectly proportioned to get any job done.  I love the over sized mirror and recessed outlet.  It's those small conveniences that make all the difference!  The faucet and handset I chose are called Wave.  Coincidence?

It's those steps again, looking down from the pilot house into the salon.  I may rent out those steps to brides wishing to make a dramatic entrance!  That handrail looks quite substantial, yes?

So my friends, these are the final pictures of my girl as she was made ready for her big trip home.  I get daily emails with the ship's position, but since Eris J is in the middle of the Pacific, there are really no points of reference.  I do notice that she covers about 285 miles each day, steaming at a bit over 12 knots.  The seas have been cooperating with not much more than 3 foot swells.  
Her ETA in the Panama Canal is October 1st.  

For those of you interested in following Eris J's progress across the Pacific, you can try the website  If you'd like to watch her transit the Panama Canal, try These sites were offered by friends, so I'm not positive they will give you the information you want.  Worth a try in any case.

I don't know about you, but I've grown weary of referring to this boat as "my girl" or "my boat".  I think the next post might be her debut as a real boat, with a real name and personality.  
Please stand by.


  1. Simply Beautiful! The warmth of interior's cherry wood working is very welcoming. Our 'Maxie' has cherry wood work and flooring and we wouldn't ever remotely consider another wood to grace the interior of any future boat. When you look at your pictures it screams cozy....we love your narratives...It puts us right there in each and every picture....We are looking forward to learning the name that will compliment your new home. I'm sure it will capture all that your new girl means to you....
    Rob and Patty

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments Rob and Patty! This blog is so much fun to write, especially when it's about something so precious to me. Hang in there, cause the best is yet to come as the girl takes to the waterways of the country over the next few years. Can't wait to finally meet two absolutely wonderful people - again!