Friday, September 19, 2014

Olympia's Last Reported Location

This was Olympia' noon position on September 18th (we only get a position update every other day).  Torture!  I'm reporting verbatim what we receive, so please don't ask me to explain anything.  The numbers and letters are meaningless.   All I care about is the distance to Balboa and the Panama Canal transit date.

Noon Position
LT - 22:00 hrs GMT
40 *16 N - 149*05 W
Wind (I know this one!) - WSW 5-6 BFT (huh?)
Swell: WSW 2.5  mtrs
Speed (yay, know this one too): 14.52 kn (put the wind goggles on Snoopy!)
Miles steamed last 23 hrs: 334 miles (burning up those engines)
Miles to go next port Balboa: 4341 miles

ETA Panama (transit only) 02/Oktober

So there you have what I have.  It's excruciating to watch the numbers decrease by just a few hundred miles per day.

On the bright side however, is what is going on behind the scenes regarding the commissioning.
What!  You thought I was going to tell you that here??  Gotta wait for the next post.  Look, since there is not much exciting news, we have to keep things fresh by playing games, right?

You can do it - you've waited much longer for even more juicy news.  This is a piece of cake.  Trust me (famous last words).


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