Monday, September 8, 2014

Eris J in the Pacific Ocean with her precious cargo aboard...

Eris J is carrying my baby girl home.  Last position this morning just before 8 am (our time) had her southeast of Hakodate, Japan (wherever that is)!  She is due at the Panama Canal on September 14, not yet sure of the actual transit time.  If Tom's friend, Paul can pull it off, I'll get to see Eris J go through the Panama Canal.  How cool is that?

Since she will no longer be near any land mass til the Canal, we will only get coordinates from the tracking folks.  Though those numbers are meaningless to me (and most folks I know), they will be all I have for a few more days.

Pray that Eris J has nothing but fair winds and following seas for this trip and may the trip be boring and uneventful for her crew.  Oh weather gods, please don't rock this boat (ship, sorry Tom)!

Don't worry, the last group of pictures I promised (when will I learn not to make those promises?) will soon follow.  I'm pacing us so we don't have a total information blackout.  Oh, I can share that Dave, KKY's illustrious naval architect, drew in the dimensions of the chairs I had on Serenity.  I tried to show you the drawing, but since it's a PDF file, I can't attach it.  Maybe a 12 year old could, but there are none around at the moment.  Sorry.

 Looks like the chairs might work on the new girl. They're also available in a slightly slimmer (by 3") and a bit higher profile.   I'm meeting with the interior decorator who helped me with Serenity this Saturday at 10.  I absolutely loved those chairs - they were not only gorgeous, but oh so comfy as well.  Here's what they looked like on Serenity - (how I loved that boat)!

Anyone coming on the boat made a beeline for one of those chairs - and proceeded to stay there until the visit was over or someone with more nerve claimed the chair as their own.

The tiles for the stove's back splash will be ordered tomorrow (if they aren't already ordered).  They will be available when the boat arrives, so the commissioning crew can get right to work making her even more gorgeous.

We're moving along in the right direction with all things "boat".  I think decorating a boat is even more challenging - and fun - than decorating a home.  While there are certain limitations, it's fun to use conventional decorating ideas in a different way.  I'm all for being creative and thinking out of the box.

That's it for tonight folks.  I'm going to experiment with getting into bed before midnight and see how it feels tomorrow.  It will be nice to begin my morning walk fully alert and raring to go.

Have a good one everyone!


  1. This is just the coolest thing ever! Is there a way we can track her position along with you??

    1. Hi Ken, thanks for following Blue Heaven. I so enjoy everyone's comments. In an answer to your question, my friend sent me the following links for following the ship:
      I've not used this link, but if you put the name of the ship in (Eris J), I think you can get her coordinates. I just get a bunch of numbers each day and won't get more til she's near the Panama Canal.
      For a webcam view of her transit, try this site,
      Let me know if these sites work for you and thanks again for following and sharing my excitement!

  2. Thanks! I'm still trying to figure out but the webcams look great over at Let us know what she's coming through!