Thursday, September 25, 2014


Told you it would be a dry spell while Olympia is on her way!

To brighten up things, I scrounged up something to show you.

If you remember, I mentioned that I decided to put tiles on the stove's back splash.   The idea of leaning across a hot stove (that is, assuming I've cooked) was not very high on my "to do" list.  Truth be told, that item was actually on my "what not to do" list.  The boat comes with a stainless steel back splash; why, I can't fathom, but that's what it is.   So during my trip to Stuart at the end of last month, Laura and I visited 3 different tile stores in our quest for the perfect tile.

I took samples home from each store and was happy with my choice, that is until night fell.  As I tossed and turned thinking about the boat, I suddenly found a reason to dislike the tile sample sitting in my room.  Off we would go bright and early the next day to another store.  The process repeated itself twice until I found the perfect tile.  Never mind I was running out of days and wanted to have the tiling done when the boat arrived.

The world is indeed small.  In the third and final tile store, we found out that the person helping us was from the Long Island town where I spent my childhood summers.  We reminisced about the town, beach and stores still there.  The whole experience was made even more pleasant when I found the perfect tiles.  Now mind you, not only did the tiles have to be perfect, but so did their basic composition, color, pattern and cohesiveness with the cherry that wrapped around the entire galley.

So, the tiles I selected are a mix of travertine and glass.  If I remember, I think I remember hearing myself say, "I don't like glass tiles and would never choose them in any home of mine".  Well first rule is never to say "never".  Secondly, this is a boat home, so that makes things different, right?

The tiles follow a pleasing repeat pattern of color, tile composition and shape.  The basic colors are earthy and pick up everything I want them to  - stainless appliances and cherry wood.  When the tiles arrived, Gregg who will oversee Olympia's commissioning, held them up against a piece of cherry wood so I could get the full effect.

What do you think?

You can see the light reflecting off a gray glass tile and the pleasing arrangement of tile shapes and color.  The glass is cleverly mixed with the travertine to create an interesting texture and color scheme.  Though I didn't want the back splash to be the galley's focus, I think it will create a warm feeling and just be pretty to look at.

The great thing about this boat is that if I decide to add additional finishing touches later, I can.  It's not necessary to rush into choices all at once.  Sounds like I've been brain washed, right?  I actually have come to believe this piece of advice - it works for me.

I hope to have another ship position tomorrow.  It looks like Eris J is keeping to her schedule of arrival at the Panama Canal on October 1 and I believe she is pre-booked for transit on October 2nd.  Several of my friends have asked if they can watch her transit the Canal with me.  When I pointed out that it could be the middle of the night, they cheerfully offered to bring snacks and wine.  What great friends!

I'll be back with the next update from the ship.  At this time next week, we will be approaching show time folks!


  1. LOVE the tile! A suggestion--do the grout DARK like the look in the photo. In the photo it is just the 'shadow' between the tiles on the sample backer, but consider: Not only does it give a nice contrast, but tile grout eventually tends to stain, even when you do it right and seal it when first installed, and in a marine environment that seal will dissipate quicker, I'd suspect. Dark means no random splashes will show in stain in lighter grout, and of course the tile itself is cleanable easily. SUPERB choice and a perfect match for the cherry too. Congrats on another piece of the puzzle solved!

  2. Thanks so much for your idea! I've sent it to my "advisors" who have done quite a few boats. Every decision is so important and making it sight unseen - and from a considerable distance is even more challenging. I think whatever I decide, the overall effect will be quite stunning. Olympia is indeed a very pretty girl so far.