Friday, July 4, 2014

Guest Stateroom Pics

After a pretty good golf game tonight, just ahead of a ridiculous rain storm, including some awesome rumbles of thunder as I'm teeing off on the 9th hole, I'm feeling energetic.  So, never mind it's after 11 pm, I'm still going strong.  That combined with 3 glorious days off jam packed with fun things to do with friends, I'm rarin' to go.

On with it then!

The following pictures are guest stateroom pictures.  Not as exciting as the engine room pictures I have for you (those freak me out), but beautiful pictures nonetheless.  I'm amazed at the handiwork of these master craftspeople.  No wonder the KKY boats are built abroad - to get this type of work done here would put these boats into the stratosphere!  They appear to have a process and schedule for everything, so nothing is rushed or left to chance.  If you're thinking of ordering a new KKY in the not too distant future, I'd say get on with it now.  These boats are not built overnight (nor would you want one that was).

Anyway, I digress.  Here we go...

In this picture, you can clearly see the new steps going up to the pilothouse on the right side of the pic.  Adjacent to the steps is a bookcase.  The bookcase balances out the room, besides being a welcome addition for guest reading material.  I can't imagine any guest of mine spending time in that room reading, but you never know.  I like to be prepared to entertain my guests in style and comfort.

I was initially concerned about the 3 small doors in the wall above the berths, but they look wonderful.  I can't remember why they had to be there, but there is some storage in them, so it turned out well.  There's only so much one can micromanage and try to visualize.  At some point, I realized that some things are best left to the pros.  They've built many boats before mine, after all.

This is a nice view of the guest stateroom wall looking forward.  The louvered doors house a Bosch front loading, stacked washer and dryer that I understand is a regular size.  I've never minded doing laundry - it's a mindless task that I usually sandwich among more interesting chores - but I do mind having to use the marina's facilities for big items.  The locker opening may look small, but I remember from my friend's 55 that the space is more than adequate for guest's clothing.  Shelves nicely accommodate extra blankets and pillows too.  Don't forget there are 3 huge drawers under each berth in addition to several desk drawers and the space in the night table.  The desk will be a great spot for folding laundry.  I love to fold - it appeals to my sense of order to stack neatly folded towels or polo shirts.  Nuts, I know.

I just wanted you to see how nicely the window trim is finished.  Everything blends, no sharp edges or awkward angles.

The guest head is a bit bigger than on older Expeditions.  Since there is no longer a hatch for engine room access directly in front of the door, and since a door to the engine room is now located in the guest head, the space was pulled forward into the companionway to create the extra room needed.  I actually spent a week aboard an Expedition in 2012 and found the space to be comfortable, spacious and very attractive. 

The following picture is a shot of the "varnish room" where all the moveable pieces are taken to be varnished - that is, after they leave the sanding room.   Here we can see the various doors waiting for their coat of varnish to be applied.  I don't think I'd sign up for that job.

Everything has its place in a KKY operation.  The drawers patiently wait their turn to be varnished but in a different location than the doors.  Sure are a ton of them too!  Love their length and depth.  A lot of things can get lost in there!

So though not the most exciting pictures I've shared, it's a more manageable way to share all the pictures Tom B. takes and sends.  There are many more, but we'd be here all night if I posted each and every one.  I can also make the best use of my limited time by posting in small doses.  Plus, let's face it, it keeps you coming back for more!

And more you shall get!  Stay tuned.

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