Sunday, July 13, 2014

Master Stateroom

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I spent part of Saturday night on a friend's FourWinns, a go fast boat that indeed went fast.  12 of us were on board to enjoy a beautiful summer evening and to see the rare "blood moon" from a perfect vantage point.  The ride, combined with great food, excellent company and a lot of summer still to go made for a perfect summer night!

It was perfect that is, until we were within a boat hook's distance from her slip - both engines died leaving us in a very tough spot. We weren't quite near the dock, but we were quite near a lot of other boats.  The quick thinking of our captain combined with the ready availability of 2 boat hooks saved the day.  Aside from a few bumps on the pilings, disaster was averted.  Once we all caught our breath, there was a long sigh of relief from all on board -especially the owner.

Though I know boats are capricious and things are always going wrong, I'm looking forward to the arrival of my new girl with similar anticipation to that experienced for my baby girl 32 years ago.  The captain thought there might be a problem with the alternator since the battery power seemed low.  Whatever the problem, it will cost money, but we're raring to go out again!

I just realized in the bunch of pictures Tom B. sent from his Taiwan trip, there were a few shots of the master stateroom which I apparently overlooked.  Interesting the way our Krogens are so alike, regardless of the model or size.  We can walk into any stateroom and feel right at home.

I did make a small change in the master shower.  Instead of having the shower windows trimmed in wood, I elected to use epoxy or whatever they use that is not wood.  Over time, it would be too hard to keep the trim looking perfect.  I'm a stickler for perfection, so a lot of time would have been spent in the master shower - most definitely where I don't want to spend any more time than necessary.  It's a much neater, sleek look in any case.

The hanging lockers are more spacious than they look.  Even for a New York girl like me, I wasn't crammed in.  Granted I wasn't living on the boat then, but part of my new boating life will be to pare down my rather (ahem) extensive wardrobe.  Working on advice from my treasured seasoned boater friend Betty, I invested in a few pairs of Bimini Bay shorts.  Not only are they great on a boat, but they're perfect for my morning walks too!  The shelves are deep enough to hold folded sweaters and other things that might take up too much drawer space.  I had a chat with another KKY friend about the cherry slats on the wall versus all white formica.  I chose the cherry slats since I love a cozy master.  Because the cherry is lighter than teak, I think it will impart a lovely warm glow to the room.

Another view looking to port.  It's as pleasing as all the other views of this lovely space.  If my life ever slows down a bit, I picture lying in bed a few extra minutes each day, looking up at the sky through the innovative Ocean Shades being installed on this boat.  Even the smaller hanging locker is spacious enough for raingear, fleeces and other substantial clothing.  I just love the way everything flows and nestles!

The bed will have a new mattress at some point.  Unless the suppliers have changed the firmness, I will probably replace the standard mattress when the boat gets to New York.  I had a fabulous organic cotton covered mattress on Serenity made by a Connecticut-based company.  The mattress was a cross between marshmellows and whipped cream, with just the right amount of firmness thrown in.  Instead of the standard chrome reading lights on each side of the bed, I opted for the lamps I had on Serenity.  They were lovely wall sconces on a small arm with parchment-colored shades.  The room actually glowed when those lights were on.  Those same sconces will be scattered around on the boat to create inviting reading and visiting spaces.  You can see plenty of storage in this room, even for someone who
will eventually live aboard.

So that's it for pictures for now folks.  Tom B. will be sending more.  In the meantime, I'm working on the electronics list, with a lot of ideas from Jeff of ActiveCaptain.  I'm reading his latest information about WiFi devices with great interest as are the electronics folks.  Technology is literally changing by the day.

I'm making plans to attend the Krogen Rendezvous in October - this time with notebook in hand.  Last year was a tough one; a boat couldn't have been farther from my conscious thoughts at that time.   Now that all things boat occupy all the available spaces in my mind, I'll be sitting on the edge of my chair throughout the entire week of activities.

I thought you'd like to see what occasionally keeps me from my postings -
                                          Sweet Tucker and my beloved daughter, Christina!

No recounting of favorites would be complete without mentioning the other love of my life - who happened to have a visit from a very special little person today...

All's well that ends well.  Have a great week everyone!!!

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