Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy Birthday

Happy first birthday in heaven Tom.

As our dream unfolds, I want everyone to know the great man behind it.  Your continued presence in my life is making our dream a reality.  In a few short months, our beautiful new boat will be here.  Though your physical presence will be absent from one of our helm seats, your spiritual presence will forever be beside me, guiding me safely through every passage.

Each time the engines come to life and I switch on the generator, I'll remember the countless discussions we had about them, the fun conversations we had about where we would take this boat and the future we envisioned as liveaboards.  Were it not for your vision, I would never have come to love boating, and specifically boating on a Kadey Krogen yacht.

My continuing on with our dream will forever be testimony to my love for you, for the life we shared for over 42 years - all this made possible because of your role in shaping me into the person I am today.

Rest peacefully my love.  Forever may you know fair winds and following seas.


  1. Hello Bunny,

    Patty and I met you and Tom I believe 3 years ago. You were on your way to the Newport boat show with your new 48 Kadey Krogen. One of your stops on your trip was in Old Saybrook Connecticut at Harbor One Marina. Patty, I and our dog Sophie were on the bridge of our boat when you arrived. After you docked I took a walk over to the main dock to look at your beautiful boat. After a few minutes of complements about your new boat, I found out that you were on your way to Newport. I believe you asked me about the resturant at the Saybrook Point Inn, as you were going there for dinner, and I told you you wouldn't be disappointed.

    The next morning you were off on your trip.

    Patty and I were so intrigued with your Kadey Krogen, we made plans to go to the Newport Boat Show which we had not attended for many years. Patty and I grew up on Long Island Sound and boating was a part of our life always. After 39 years of marriage we enjoy being on our Maxie more and more. We want to retire to life living on a boat.

    At the boat show Patty and I met you and Tom once again, and we toured your lovely boat with Laura from Kadey Krogen. After that tour, we knew that as we move closer to slowing down and eventually retiring, a Kadey would be our future next boat.

    We noticed when your boat went up for sale and was sold quickly we wondered why you sold it so quickly. Ironically Laura who has continued to stay in touch with us, informed us several weeks ago that there was a sold 55 coming soon, because she knew that was one of the boats that sparked our interest. She told me about the changed staircase and wanted us to see that change.

    Until today, when I decided to read the blogs on the Kadey web site due to the gloomy weather this weekend, that I found out it was your new boat.

    Although Patty and I do not know you, we both cried for you learning that you lost the love of your life. We are close to the same vintage as you and your beloved Tom, and we realized you never can know what is around the corner. We have always feared what happened to you would happen to us before we could realize our similar dream. We have to figure out how we can have the life we always promised ourselves we would have . Your blog is the first that I have ever signed up to follow. You can rest assured that we will follow you through your blog as yours and Tom's dream comes true.

    Your dream boat will be more beautiful than you would ever imagined her to be. We look forward to your sharing the special name you have chosen for your new girl, as that has always been something special for us as well.

    We wish you safe travels where ever your life takes you and your family, and know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Rob, Patty and Willie Lombard (Maxie is the name of our 47 Saberline MY)

    1. Thank you Rob and Patty for your beautiful and heartfelt words of love and support. You both must be very special people and I look forward to meeting you again in the not too distant future. I'm honored to have you following my blog.

    2. You are very welcome. Today Patty and I decided to skip going into work. We now more than ever realize that time is so precious and the weather has cleared up here in West Brook Ct, and we did want to waste a beautiful day. We"ll let our employees do their jobs. Looking out the harbor as I write this from our settee on the bridge of Maxie with my dog Willie curled up next to me, I am realizing how fortunate we are.
      Hope you are having a good day!

      Rob,Patty and Willie

    3. I'm so glad you took the day to enjoy it outside of work! Tom and I did that when we first got Serenity. After we each called in "sick", we high-fived each other and headed for the boat and a beautiful day on the water. I still remember that magical day! If I can help more people do just what you and Patty did today, then sharing my dreams through my blog accomplished its goal. Congratulations on celebrating life! I'm looking forward to meeting you and Patty again.