Monday, June 30, 2014

Exterior and Pilot House Pics - Finally!

Hot off the press from Taiwan are a series of the newest pictures of the newest big girl!

Tom B. is good enough to send tons of pictures from every conceivable angle.  It would take me a week to upload them all, so I selected what I think is a representative sample of the group.  This post will be devoted to a few exterior views as well as pictures of the pilot house and specifically, the helm.

She looks like a full-grown 55 now, doesn't she?  She even has her davit in place for the tender I don't yet have.

Typical woman, making sure she is photographed from all her best angles.

The helm is already gorgeous - without one bell or whistle in place yet!

The huge windows will make the space bright and provide a fantastic vantage point to observe my neighbors - both at the dock and on the water.

My Tom had a big discussion with Tom B. regarding the position of the upright area for the chart plotter screens.  Our other boats required more of a "look down" when viewing the screens.  Tom recommended a different "tilt" so that one could see the screens head on.  I'm daydreaming about the charts I will be seeing on this boat.

When not at the helm, the pilot house seating area already looks inviting for R and R.  Picture a lovely neutral color Ultraleather settee, colorful pillows and a fridge full of good things to eat and drink.  Note the steps down to the main level on the left side of the picture (starboard side of the boat).

The steps are a work of art.  Wait til you see how the handrail at the bottom looks!  That will be in the salon post.

The 55 has an imposing bow and foredeck (I think that's what this is called).  Sure is enough clutter.  I'm glad I'm not the one who will clean up the mess.

More pictures will follow of each space.  I think it's more fun to post them that way and less craziness for me when I experience "technical difficulties" at ungodly hours.

I hope you enjoyed this long overdue peek at 55-005.  More to follow!

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  1. I bet you can see New Jersey from that bridge! Looking good!