Thursday, July 10, 2014

You say saloon, I say salon....

Doesn't matter how you say that very important boat space - salon or saloon - it all translates into a special place where family and friends gather to share a meal, watch TV or a movie or listen to music when being outside isn't an option.

The salon on the 55 is comparable to the "great room" of a thoughtfully built home.  Since this space takes advantage of the full 18 foot beam, the room is bright, spacious and calls out for parties.  The spacious galley is adjacent and open to the salon so preparing a meal doesn't preclude the chef from participating in the fun.  Not one to miss a moment of anything, this boat is perfect for me and my hurry up and have fun lifestyle.

This is view of the salon to port with a bit of the aft bulkhead wall visible.  The L-shaped settee will be covered in a neutral Ultraleather with plenty of fluffy pillows to add comfort and pops of color and style.  The wall that you see tilting into the room is actually the steps to the boat deck.  We came up with a clever way to add a wall sconce so that I don't need lamps all over the place.  You can also see in the middle of the right side of the photo the lovely space that will be the 50+ bottle wine fridge.  That space is as important to me as the engine room!  The TV on its lift will be behind the settee, built into the port cabinet.  Don't know if I already mentioned it, but I've decided on a 46" Samsung Smart TV.  In fact, it's already in the KKY office so that the yard could build the cabinet to the TV's exact specifications and not discover that the model unavailable when the time came to install it.  I understand that was an issue with some earlier boats.

Hopefully you're not tired of seeing the steps, but in this photo, you can see how beautifully they are integrated into the salon.   It's surprisingly house-like, right?  The space between the steps and cabinet/bookcase will nicely fit 2 comfortable chairs.  I had 2 brick red leather club chairs on Serenity that I may duplicate on this boat.  Those were the chairs everyone plopped into the minute they came aboard.  Problem with those chairs is that they didn't face the TV.  That problem was rectified on this boat.

 This is a great view of the salon, galley and steps looking forward.  Everything flows and creates an inviting and stylish space for entertaining and just enjoying life.  The galley counter top will extend into the salon to accommodate 2 small barstools for additional seating for casual meals or overflow crowds.  The tall end galley cabinet will have lit glass shelves that will be visible behind glass-fronted doors that will also light the companionway.

 Though not finished, the handrail is "undressed" here so you can see how gracefully it curves and creates a sturdy means of support while moving up and down the steps.  There will be lots of soft lighting in this boat since there are lights in many of the steps.  I'm crazy about how the steps and handrail were crafted!  It will be such a lovely focal point as one enters the boat.  To the left of the steps in the companionway, you can just about see a cabinet that will house the entertainment components.  On Serenity, it was awkward to put CDs or movies into the player or set an iPod into the dock - I had to always move a heavy chair.  After much discussion, we came up with this cabinet that would be very easy to access.

Looking aft through the salon into the cockpit, the nicely sized doorway is framed by 2 watertight doors that sound like a bank vault door closing when they are closed.  One thoughtful feature that is standard on this boat is a very sturdy screen door that zips across the opening and attaches by magnet to the other side.  The screen allows sea breezes to waft in sans annoying insects.  Though some inevitably do get in, it's not a free for all with us as the meal!
You can see space on the port side where the movable hi-lo table will go.  It will nestle nicely into that space and serve the very useful function of providing a surface for meals, cocktails, working or just casual conversation.

 I have a rug that I insisted on using in the loft of this apartment that is very special to me - it will go under this table.  It's a 5' x 7' certified Isfahan-style oriental rug in shades of navy, green and ivory that Tom and I gave to each other as an anniversary gift.   That rug will go under that table if I have to re-build the boat.  Get the idea?  LOL

 I'm an outdoor person, so I'll be spending lots of time in the roomy, covered cockpit.  I have a stack of patio furniture catalogs on my desk all tabbed with the pieces I like.  I plan to live without anything until I know what will look (and work) best.  On Serenity, the purchases we made were all perfect for her since we carefully considered our options relative to the boat before leaping.  Without meaning to sound boastful, I think those who were aboard Serenity would agree that she was a beautifully decorated boat.  Oh Serenity, I will love you forever!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures.  I was going to wait until tomorrow since I just got back from my Thursday golf game, but looked at my calendar and see I'm out to dinner with some friends.  Then it's the busy weekend, and before you know it, I'm back with excuses.


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