Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What's to come...

Just got home, but have pictures of the most beautiful handrail and new steps to the pilot house, some salon and master stateroom pictures to come later this week.  The boat is really starting to look very much like a beautiful boat.

I had a conference call with Tom B and Laura today regarding the layout of the helm.  I'll share the 2 views that served as the basis for the discussion.  Most of the instrument placement is intuitive, some placements will be like Serenity and others will conform to the huge helm space and personal preferences.  It's great to know that nothing needs to be decided now.  My August visit to Stuart will be a great starting point for the helm layout discussions, but even then no big decisions will need to be made.

Had the first conversation about the final documentation that will be needed before the boat ships in a couple of months.  It's getting very real now.

Hang in there with me folks!

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