Monday, July 21, 2014


That's putting it mildly!

During a what I thought was a routine KKY conference call, Tom B. asked if I wanted to hear good news once our discussion was concluded.  Always up for good news, I said, "sure".

Wait for it.....

"Well it looks like your boat will be ready a little ahead of schedule", Tom B. casually said.  Dead silence at my end while I took my heart out of my mouth.  After what seemed like a lifetime, I managed to croak, "how much ahead of schedule?"  "About 3 weeks" came the reply.  I will swear I could see and hear the smile in Tom B.'s voice!  OMG and OMG!!!  It seems a freighter is heading for Ft. Lauderdale around August 25th.  The yard thinks they can have the boat ready to go then, so........................

If things work according to plan, my girl could be here in early October!  Now tell me, is that a way to start the week, or is it the way to start a week????????  So many things to do between now and then, not to mention planning a move to another place on November 10th.  Typical of the way things happen in my world, nothing is done without excitement, or in a boring, expected manner.  This upheaval just so happens to coincide with the busiest time of the year at work when we all work at least 10 hour days to get ready for September and the crushing need for our nursing services.

Never mind all that, my long awaited, dream come true, beginning of a new life boat will soon be on her way home to me.  Of course this major happening is so very bittersweet - Tom should be here with me jumping up and down with unbridled joy.  So while one part of me rejoices, the other part misses Tom with an intensity not easily described.  I keep imagining the expression on his face as he heard Tom B.'s wonderful news and in my mind's eye, I picture what that expression would be when he first sees our new boat that was a dream for so long.  Seeing her for the first time alone is something I am preparing myself for.  My wonderful KKY friends will be there to support me, of that I'm so grateful.

So friends, the time is drawing near to celebrate the arrival of this newest member of my little family.  I've asked Tom B. to have the yard send some recent pictures.  It's been a couple of weeks since I've had any; this dry spell is making me crazy.

Obviously absent from all my postings is the mention of a name.  Not yet.  For some reason, this is a very personal thing for me.  The name I have in mind has such deep meaning for me, I'm just not ready to share it.  I also have a plan for her christening that shakes me up when I try to think about it.  So in addition to the arrival of this very special boat will come news about her name, christening and welcoming activities planned for her.

Who knows - I may welcome 2015 aboard my dream!

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  1. Got your Battle flag/house flag planned? Not sure if i said this before...dont worry we are patient..