Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Engine Room (I think)

I'm trusting that all of you who are reading this blog will not laugh too hard while reading this particular post.  I mentioned before that pictures of the engine room - I think it's also referred to as "machinery space" - strikes terror into my heart while producing cold sweats.

I am only taking this very bold step in sharing these pictures because some of you have specifically asked me to.  By taking advantage of my courage here, you'll also have the benefit of seeing the Expedition's "heart" at a very early stage.

So here goes.  I'm not even sure what I'm looking at, so I'm going to post these and keep my mouth shut (well I'll do my best)....

See what I mean?  I was giving Tom B. a chance to catch his breath after his recent trip to the yard before pummeling him with questions.  Those of you with Krogens can feel free to comment anytime, but be nice.

I admire the folks putting this engine room together.  This picture reminds me of my early days in anatomy class - we had to identify inside body parts never before seen.

Oh I know, I know!!!!  It's one of the watertight doors leading to somewhere.  I think those are the bow thruster compartments on either side in the foreground.  Wow, talk about taking a leap of faith!

Clueless here, but they better do a good job cleaning up.


Hot water heater????

Another of those watertight doors, but it looks like one should do something before entering.  Bio hazard area, maybe?  Just kidding.

Had to go back to be sure this wasn't a duplicate.  Don't want anyone falling over laughing.

So lest you think I'm out of my mind taking on this boat, I should tell you that I learn very fast.  I have the confidence, passion, intuition and intelligence it takes to run a boat like this safely and skillfully once I get enough helm hours in my topsiders.  KKY tutorials are second to none, I have some folks lined up eager to help; so at this time next year, I'll offer a guided tour of this engine room to anyone who wants one.  So there!

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