Thursday, August 21, 2014

THE most incredible pictures!

Tomorrow I'll start posting the pictures Tom B. sent from Taiwan.

 I will tell you this - the galley and staircase are beyond my wildest expectations!  Show stoppers!  Poetry in motion!  Eye candy!  Art!  Beauty!  The galley looks like something out of a fine home design publication - Architectural Digest comes to mind.  These craftsman have accomplished what not many other boat builders could even attempt.

Unfortunately, we had a huge hiring event in our office today, so amid the pandemonium, there was not even one second to gawk over the pictures after the first quick look.  I'll forward them to this laptop tomorrow and get them posted for your viewing delight.

I know you will find the slight wait more than worthwhile.

I am out of my mind delighted, thrilled, ecstatic, over the moon....and every other superlative word indicating extreme happiness that you can think of.

Stay tuned my beloved readers.  As they say, "the best is yet to come".

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