Monday, August 18, 2014

Just saying hi and thanks

While Tom B. is enroute to Taiwan to give my girl a last once-over before she heads for home (don't yet know the freighter's name, but will share when I do), I thought now would be a good time to thank everyone reading this blog.  For what? some of you might be thinking, right?

Well, reading this blog for starters.  I know everyone's time is precious; I'm honored that you would spend some of that precious time with me.  Many of you have left comments.  Those comments simultaneously have brought both tears and smiles.  Your human compassion, generosity of spirit and  expressed friendship have been both a gift and a source of strength for me.  There have been quite a few days when I second guessed this huge step, wondered if I hadn't really lost my mind this time, just plain wondered if I was capable of fulfilling the dream Tom set in motion for us.  When I picture myself at the helm of this incredible boat being built according to our specifications, I really break out into cold sweats.  Luckily, I can stop to read a generous comment and put things in perspective.

As I approach the first anniversary of losing Tom, I can say with pride that Tom was an incredibly wonderful and very generous man.  He was a fabulous dad, husband and granddad.  His vision was limitless; his support of me boundless.  If Tom thought I could do something, then I just set out to do it - and do it well and better than anyone else.  So with that thought ringing in my ears, I embark on my new journey with courage, excitement and the conviction that I will come to handle and know this boat as well as anyone else on the water - and better in some cases.  What makes many of these feelings possible is knowing I have the support and friendship of the Kadey Krogen community - actually the trawler community, judging from your comments.

Thank you all for being there for me.  Hang in there with me - the best is yet to come!

Pictures will come as soon as Tom recovers from jet lag and gets his camera focused.

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