Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Okay...the Engine Room - Access & New Steps!

Guess I was dragging my heels about this post, but some readers are asking questions so....

For those of you still unfamiliar with the new interior of the 55, the steps have been re-located to starboard via the gorgeous staircase featured in the last posting.  Re-locating the steps allowed for the guest head to be enlarged enough to provide a door for walk-in access to the engine room.  Gone is the hatch just outside the guest head that one had to climb down into.

The following pictures depict the engine room from several angles, including a look down the steps from the doorway.  Since the door was not yet hung when the pictures were taken, you'll have to use your imagination for the time being (until October).

Starting from top to bottom, the design geniuses managed to put storage everywhere, including this space at the top of the engine room steps just behind you as you step onto the landing, then start down the steps.  This gorgeous cabinet was a total surprise to me - guess I got so scared of the engine room pictures that I never looked too closely.  You can see the doorway to your right and I think get a peek at the corner of the shower.

Here we are at the bottom of the steps looking aft.  The space is cavernous.  It reminds me of laboratory space at the CDC.  Leave it to me to make a medical comparison to an engine room for Pete's sake!

A good view of the steps with the bottom of the cabinet just above them.  The steps are nice and wide, not too steeply canted and have treads on the edges.

I know we're hanging out by the steps, but I wanted to give you forward and aft views of the immediate area around the steps.  As I said in the previous post, you won't get much commentary from me.  Those of you anxious to see these pictures know what you're looking at.

We're looking down the steps directly from the landing just inside the doorway.  Seems like such a long way down.

Looking back up the steps into the doorway with view of the shower.  Nice to have a light at the top of the steps.

Just inside the doorway leading down to the engine room.  Nice, solid railing.

Heading down to the engine room...  I'm so happy with the landing.  Gives me a chance to collect my wits instead of just heading down the steps directly from the doorway.

Nice picture of the workbench which includes a sink.  A fellow Krogenite tried to explain that since the plumbing is below the waterline, I have to pump something to get the water flowing.  As my eyes glazed over, he offered to just show me when the boat gets here.  Good idea.

Hope the crew did a good job cleaning up....

Well, at least I know this is an engine.  Big and powerful and utterly intimidating - and there are two of them!  This is the newest John Deere engine - more power and torque with less revs.  Very good reviews of this new engine (the little I read).

Head on view of the engine.

Looking aft in between the 2 engines.  Everything is easily visible and accessible.

Looks like the electrical hub.  Sure are lots of wires, plugs and other things I know nothing about.

Pretty impressive.

If you have any questions about anything in these pictures, ask away and I'll get answers.

I'm heading to Stuart to do boat things, so may not be able to post for a few days.  I'll try, but if I can't, you'll know why.

Take care everyone!

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