Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One Step Closer to Home

True to his word, Tom B. no sooner arrived at the yard and took some pretty awesome pictures of the new girl on the block.  I started today with the 3 pictures that will soon follow - can anyone ask for a better way to begin a day????!!!!!!!

Tom B. even apologized for not getting any other pictures.  There were so many people on the boat going through the final stages of finishing touches, testing equipment (don't forget those engines), etc. that Tom B. promised to take the interior pictures once the crew took a lunch break.  Considering the time difference, those pictures should be here tomorrow.  Since we all know Thursday is golf day (and the weather promises to cooperate), I may have to divide the pictures into 2 postings if it gets too late to do a good job for you.

So without further yakking, here are the 3 exterior pictures Tom sent this morning.  You can see that great and incredible progress has been made - she has been moved outside (which translates into 1 step closer to the US-bound freighter) and really is no longer a caterpillar but a gorgeous butterfly in all her glory!

                                                             Here she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is our first real look at the new babe sporting her Forest Green sheer and accent stripes.  As mentioned before, the color was my Tom's choice, so there was no decision to be made here.  It looks fantastic, yes?  We decided on green vs. dark blue since the dark blue shade offered can appear black in certain light situations.  This is the same color green that was the interior of our 1950 Jaguar XK 120 when we were first married.  I'm amazed at her proportions - look at the person in the left corner working on her!

Good shot of her starboard side.  You can see the enclosed boat deck, the easy-to-enter boarding gate that is level with the dock and the generous cockpit and transom areas.  The new boats no longer have "arms" connecting the swim platform to the boat, a much cleaner look.  The swim platform staples will be installed stateside.  Even though they were an additional cost, I think crawling onto the swim platform from the dinghy on my belly is in my past.  You can also glimpse the imposing Portuguese bridge from which I can dock and maneuver the boat.  There is also easy access to the bow from the Portuguese bridge, a definite plus in anchoring situations.  There are 2 huge storage lockers on the bow which I will cover with cushions for an additional sun worshiping location.  Tom called them "princess cushions".

Picture taken from a few more steps back.  Again notice the workers - they look so tiny next to her!  The cockpit is so spacious - I'm envisioning the beautiful outdoor furniture I will put there.  On this boat, the ladder to the boat deck (to port) is practically flush with the aft bulkhead, so doesn't take up any room.  Also, the widebody design requires no space left for a clear walkway, so the furniture can go from side to side.
How nicely the windows are all covered up.  This boat is practically bubble-wrapped for the voyage.  Perfectly fine with me!

I promise to send the next batch of pictures - hopefully we'll all get to see the engine room and new engine room access.  This time, I hopefully will be able to identify the engine room components instead of trying to make intelligent guesses.  No promises here, mind you.

Stand by my loyal readers!  We're all in for a nice treat.

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