Saturday, August 23, 2014

A chef (will be) born

I can tell you without reservation that when I opened the galley pictures, I gasped out loud.  The pictures of this boat have been gasp-provoking, to say the least.  Rare is it that I can say that the finished product has exceeded my expectations.  I'm thrilled just by looking at the pictures.  I cannot possibly seeing her "in the flesh"!

However, before I reveal the galley, I wanted to share an exterior view that Tom B. took that brought tears to my eyes.  We did see the first pictures of her from her starboard side with a bit of transom showing, but this one is really special.  I can actually see myself waving from the Portuguese bridge!

This girl is one beautiful boat, that is beyond a shadow of a doubt!  My Tom would have so ecstatic with the way the Forest Green sheer and accent stripes came out.  He had the most incredible vision for this boat.  The stripe will set her apart from her sisters and leave no doubt who she is when seen from the water.  I thought I wanted dark blue, but Tom felt it would always look black in most light situations.  The man was right on target!

So the cleaning is under way, the wrappings have been removed and machinery is being tested.  She is being readied for her trip home at the end of the week.  These pictures are really the first of the galley as it looks today.  What a knockout!
I can't tell you how long I've dreamed of a cherry kitchen with dark green granite counters!  Since the cabinets in the old house were so ridiculously expensive, we didn't change them when we did the kitchen for the second time.  I'm delighted with the open sweep of counter that allows a clear view of this gorgeous space while allowing for bar stools on the salon side for quick breakfasts or list-making.  The wine fridge is handily located - and large enough to limit trips to the wine store to once a week (LOL).  The faucet mentioned already is a perfect accent.

This galley would inspire even the most hardened non-chef to pick up a whisk and bowl.  I'm going to spring for a set of All Clad pots and pans.  How could I introduce anything else into this hallowed space, I ask you?  I'm happy I got to see this up close picture of the galley, so that when I head to Stuart, I won't have much of an issue selecting the tiles for the back splash behin the stove.  I can even envision my Waterford horse and dolphin twinkling in the glass-fronted cabinets!

Instead of a trash compacter (which nearly everyone I asked about it said NO, don't get one), I opted for the rolling cabinet housing 2 very generous recycling bins.  I had these on Serenity and really liked them.  I asked for an additional pull to be built into this door since I sometimes had trouble opening it and had to actually use 2 hands to open it.  Same with the big bottom drawer in one of the cabinets. When it was full (of plates, etc. in this case), it was very difficult to pull open.  The dishwasher will be a welcome "assistant" for big parties, but probably not used much when it's just me on the boat.

Can you appreciate the way the granite forms the most graceful curve at what could have been an awkward juncture?  This look was accomplished via a Sunday morning call from Tom B. as I was driving to the barn.  The astute granite installer foresaw a less than desirable situation about to occur with the half bullnose edge I had chosen.  It took me all of 5 seconds to agree with what Tom B. was telling me and agree to go with a full bullnose edge.  So glad I did!

One more interesting view from the galley.  Having an unobstructed view is priceless.  Even the walls are gorgeous to look at!

When I first saw this picture, I thought of the line, " a face that launched a thousand ships".  Holy cow is this incredibly gorgeous or what?!  The staircase never fails to elicit an exclamation from me - and anyone else who sees it for the first time.  I'm planning to put something striking on the cabinet we're looking at dead on - between the steps and starboard side - piece of sculpture, spray of flowers, etc.  I'll let it speak to me for awhile, cause whatever goes there will have to be fabulous.

Another picture of those steps that are art!
I'm also delighted with the placement of the electronics cabinet next to the steps.  This cabinet's placement - actually it's very existence - was the first decision I had to make when I decided to go ahead with the boat build.  I was feeling very overwhelmed, scared, shaky and in over my head.  Clearly, the KKY folks talked me off the ledge and guided me through every decision with patience and understanding.  Remember what I said about those plan views?   I needed Tylenol every time we discussed them!  Guess I understood them better than I thought!

The cozy salon just adds to the charm of the galley - and that's it in its unfurnished state - the cushions aren't even in place yet!
Another decision I'm happy with is the hi-lo table I insisted on (not pictured yet), even when Tom B. told me they had to first find another manufacturer, then run that past the yard, then find a way to make everything work.  My comment to that was, "and your point is?"......  The table will look absolutely perfect in this environment.  The stainless pedestal table just wouldn't have looked right.  My Persian rug will be the perfect centerpiece that ties everything in together.

Picture snuggling up with a good book (and glass of Malbec) during a thunderstorm in this corner...

So folks, I think you will agree that just from these few pictures, the KKY folks have outdone themselves yet again with a new design that incorporates owner suggestions and brilliant vision.
I couldn't be happier.

Next post will be the engine room - and as before, very little commentary.   At least everything is unwrapped, so we can see what's what.  As I looked at the most recent batch of pictures, I found myself cocking my head to 1 side, as if that would make the machinery more understandable (didn't help).  Boy, do I have a list of questions when I see Tom B. in Stuart.  Listen, I have to start at the beginning, so the time is now.

Stay tuned for more pictures.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! That is the nicest layout of a Kadey Krogen that I have seen yet! Love the stairs and the kitchen!

    1. Thanks so much! The galley and new steps make an already lovely boat simply spectacular! Can't wait to see her in person!

    2. Awesome does not begin to describe it! Congratulations.

  2. Look'en good! Have not seen the engine room door for entry. Where is it located?