Saturday, August 9, 2014

Guest and Master Staterooms, Oh My!

Though beautifully crafted and finished, the guest and master staterooms don't give me the same goosebumps that the galley, salon and steps do.  What they do however, is invite me in to curl up with a good book on a rainy day (assuming my "to do" list is under control).  If you've never been aboard a KKY at night, you are in for a treat.  The boat virtually glows in the warmth of the wall sconces and lamps.  The staterooms wrap you in coziness, but with more than enough headroom to seem spacious.

Again, the explanation captions will appear under each photo.

I added this picture so you can really see the window build out for the blinds.  It will be such a sleek and elegant look.  My guests will have absolute privacy and comfort.  You can barely see the top shelf of the desk in the foreground.  Even though I doubt I will use the desk as a traditional desk, it will be the ideal place to fold clothes from the nearby dryer.  A mundane task made more fun just because it's on a boat!

This treatment of the steps to the pilot house is so very clever!  The steps are balanced by the bookshelf over the starboard berth.  The wall sconces will provide ample light for reading in bed.  I'm not sure how deep the 3 cabinets are, but whatever depth they are will be used for something useful.

The master vanity will have a mirror above it and enough drawers to accommodate the captain's togs (more downsizing is in the works for this next move).  The double doors hide a nicely sized hanging locker that really has plenty of room.  The shelf running the length of the locker is deep and holds a ton of stuff.  I love the drawers above the cabinet adjacent to the hanging locker with a top to hold the essentials of a woman captain's life.

The bottom of the bed rises on gas struts to reveal a cavernous space for things such as a full set of golf clubs and clothes for those trips back to New York and other points north in the winter.  Believe me when I tell you those drawers are like nothing you've seen in any bedroom dresser.  One could almost hide a body in there if one was so inclined!  The storage in those drawers is not to be believed!  One great thing about living aboard from what I can fathom is that it eliminates the accumulation of "stuff" that bogs us down while giving us extra work to do to simply maintain the "stuff".  I appreciate the yard's thoughtful gesture of protecting those precious curved corners - I'm not sure other builders would go the extra mile there.

Sorry for jumping around (it's the way the pics saved) but we're back in the guest stateroom looking at the starboard desk.  The bottom drawer actually is designed to hold Pendaflex folders should one need to use them.  Umm, I think the desk might make a nice vanity for applying warpaint and other such necessities.   I love the way everything fits and actually snuggles.

Oh oh, jumped around again, back to the master stateroom - looking at the starboard storage space.  I'm going to treat the windows like I did on Serenity - I put the privacy screens in while in marinas at night and leave them as is while at anchor.  Treating them any other way adds clutter to an otherwise warm, beautiful space.  There is storage galore in here!

Whew, still in the master stateroom!  This is the most forward wall against which the bed rests.  Those cute little lamp arms will wear parchment shades that make the room look like something from Enchanted Nights - is there such a book/movie?, cause I just made that up!   LOL  The space in between the wall lamps will be occupied by the print currently hanging over my bed, which before that, hung over the berth on Serenity.    It was shipped over to me along with Serenity's bedding so that my apartment bedroom would look like Serenity's master.  I did this because I missed Serenity so desperately and wasn't sure whether or not I could handle the building of the new boat.  I needed to be tied into my old life that I loved and was so suddenly separated from - the bedding and print did the trick.  I'll probably have to wait til the boat gets to NY in April to get that print hung.  We'll see though. Patience is definitely not one of my virtues!

Yikes, hold your hat, we're back in the guest stateroom!  The two berths will be dressed in a lovely Sunbrella fabric so they will always look "dressed up" and ready for the inevitable parties aboard.  You'll note that the pilot house access steps don't encroach on the berth to your right.  More storage in deep drawers under those berths folks.  There's enough separation between the beds to allow for a modicum of privacy when guests not attached to each other are aboard.

Yes, we're still in the guest stateroom looking forward at the hanging locker with upper cabinets to your right and the washer/dryer behind the closed louvered doors to your left.  Ample storage with good looks.  Who could ask for more?

More to come folks but I'm calling it a day since the clock just rolled to 1 am and it's been a long day.
I hope you're enjoying the pictures and dialog.  I try to be entertaining and not boring.  Have a great weekend everyone.  I'm hoping for engine room and exterior pictures next week.

Tom couldn't get pics this week since everyone who made something on the boat was aboard testing out their "thing".  John Deere, Northern Lights, ABT Trac stabilizers, the bow thruster folks and several others.  I certainly was not going to disturb them with picture requests.

Tom B. thinks she is outside now for final painting.  If she's not out today, then it's just a matter of hours.  He'll be there next week, so expect some heart-stopping pictures of the outside.

Night night!!

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