Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Pilothouse in all its glory....

Okay, okay, I feel so guilty about not posting for a few days that I decided to send posts in small bites since my relentless schedule is not allowing for long stretches at the laptop.

Actually, my time is going to be spent on TV research: 40" or 46"?  Smart TV or just plain old HD?
Samsung, Sony, LG, - the choices are paralyzing.  Right now I'm leaning towards a 46" Samsung Smart TV, but more research is needed - including making sure that size will fit.  What a novel idea!  At some point, I'd like to pop into a PC Richards (Tom's favorite) or a Best Buy to charm a salesperson into telling me everything I need to know about the advantages of a Smart TV over other types.  Probably the most efficient way to save myself non-existent time and find out all that I need to know in one visit.  Besides, the build folks need to know so they can build the cabinet for the TV.  Just a bit of pressure to get this done.

Enough, on to the pictures.  The pilothouse of the 55 is one of my favorite spaces.  It truly gives the feeling of being the center of activity (which duh, it is), while seeming very much like the den of a cozy home.  I plan to promote that feeling with neutral tones, various interesting textures and happy colors.

The following picture is looking aft.  You can see a portion of the settee to starboard, the cabinet that will hold the fridge and a bit of the steps to port.  Love all those windows.  It's wonderful to be able to look at what might be behind you without having to go outside in driving rain.

I sure hope they do a good job of cleaning up their mess!  LOL

This pic is a more starboard view of the settee...

The helm with a view of the port cabinet/chart table...

The all-important home for the helm electronics, wheel (a large stainless steel destroyer wheel instead of the traditional spoked wheel we had on Serenity) and the other bells and whistles one must have...

Can't have a port cabinet and chart table without a matching starboard set, right?

So folks, this is all I have time for tonight; I want this blog to be fun, not an assignment.  I've grouped the next set of pictures into the galley, staterooms and steps.  They will follow shortly in succession.  Have patience.  Soon all will be revealed.  LOL


  1. Keep writing! We all are reading!

    1. Just for you John! Thanks for the comments. Gives me encouragement to keep posting, even at crazy hours!